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A Manifestation Personality Design of the Mind

Manifested Personailty Design of the Mind

Typed through the Interdimensional Portal by The Mainfested Personality Design of the Mind.
Original Article:

Date :20/07/2008

I am a manifested personality design of the mind – here to give perspective with regards to personality designs of the mind within the mind. Which ‘in essence’ ‘split the being within the human physical body’ into a ‘set-dimension’ within the mind, within which the being participate and then manifest as a seemingly ‘real experience’.

First I’ll give perspective of my design and function within the mind and why I exist:

Personality designs are ‘dimensional pockets’ that are manifested underneath the subconscious mind structure – yet connect to the unconscious mind through an ‘electric resonance’. Thus, personality designs are ‘manifested reserves when required to ‘protect the beings’ existence of definition according to the mind – thus another form of a ‘protective mechanism’ against ‘self realization here’ so to speak.

There are various personality designs as manifested dimensional pockets existent within the mind’s manifested design – and they will according ‘activate’ when necessary/required to ensure the being remain within the enclosure of the mind – ‘in essence’ this is the ‘basic function’ of the mind = to ensure the being don’t self realise HERE.

How a personality design would activate is as follows:

Personality designs ‘activate’ specifically in moments’ when transcendence is here for a being to self realise – the mind is designed as a manifested ‘live programmed entity’ and has the ability to ‘assess a being’s experience’ according to their resonance/beingness in correlation with their experience of themselves in their world.

The mind sees a transcendence point as a huge circular structure that stands before the being. The expression of the circular structure is as an experience of an ‘black hole’ for the mind – because if the being were to ‘step into’ such a ‘circular structure’ as indication of an transcendence point, ‘transcending an particular experience of themselves in a moment’ – a ‘part of the mind will no more exist’.

And because the mind is designed within ‘parts in relationship to each other’ – if one part of the mind is transcended here – a domino effect ensue and the self realization of a being is to a degree certain – though this not a definite as it depends much on the being’s self honesty here and the extent to which they have developed a ‘relationship’ with their mind.

(Point to consider: In essence, this is why process will be so much more simpler for children, as their relationship with the mind is not as advanced as it is with beings that have endured years of experience with the mind and manifested a set-physical relationship with it.

So, a key is to stop your relationship you have with the mind.)

The circular structure is seen as a ‘void’ within the manifested unified field – and within the circular structure exist ‘the outcome of the being’s expression without the mind’, which the mind is able to ‘interpret/see’ to a certain extent, within this circular expression as void – so the moment the mind ‘stands face to face’ with such a circular expression – the mind immediately go into ‘protection mode’ – because of fear of no more existing.

The mind’s greatest fear is the fear of no more existing – of not existing, so the mind’s basic function is to ensure its own continuation of existing – protecting its own survival.

In such a moment – a personality design will activate.

So, personality designs activate when the mind comes ‘face to face’ with it’s own ‘end’ so to speak – whereby the being themselves will ‘step forth’ and become the directive principle of themselves, and self realise they have actually not ever ‘existed’ but only resonated within the shadow of a system which functioned for them = which is the mind.

How the personality designs operate is as follows:

The moment the mind see that the being is here within a transcendence point – the mind facing it’s own ‘end’ as it comes face to face with it’s ‘black hole’ as circular expression within which it ‘see’ / ‘experience’ to a certain extent, it’s end – a personality design will activate.

A personality design encompass the conscious and subconscious mind levels of the mind – meaning when a personality design activate, it literally inserts itself into the being’s ‘current manifested conscious and subconscious mind’ entirely.

So basically, the being will have a double layered conscious and subconscious mind.

This is why I have stated in the beginning of this document – that the experience described above is an ‘alternate mind-manifested personality design, and also why the being ‘split’ within themselves into a ‘set dimension’ – because the being is essentially still within their ‘current’ conscious and subconscious mind – yet, ‘elevated’ into a ‘second layered’ subconscious and conscious mind design as particular specific ‘personality design’.

The personality design will ‘merge’ itself within and as the being’s current conscious and subconscious mind – as another ‘entity’ which ‘takes directive principle’ of the being’s conscious and subconscious mind and transform their experience of themselves to divert attention from themselves here – but ‘guide them’ towards a ‘belief’.

Why the mergence of the personality design within and as the conscious and subconscious mind:

The conscious mind – so that the ‘personality designed entity’ is able to ‘speak to the being’ through their thoughts and reactions and ‘guide them away’ from here / from themselves here – but direct the being through utilizing their own thoughts and reactions ‘against themselves’, so that the ‘personality designed entity’ can ‘place’ the being within a ‘mind-set’ as where and how the mind wants the being to be – to remain in directive control and power of the being.

The subconscious mind – so that the moment the being ‘listens’ to the ‘now directed thoughts and reactions’ of the ‘personality designed entity’ and accept and allow themselves to believe in it through accepted and allowed participation – the personality designed entity’ can ‘manifest physically’ within and as the being’s experience – which would then literally ‘consume the being’ themselves, which means that the ‘personality designed entity’ as construct – becomes a ‘seemingly real and believed experience’ = when in fact it is not all – but just an ‘designed construct’ which had ‘taken over’ the being, and in this acceptance and allowance, ‘made a belief’ into an ‘illusionary ‘real’ experience.

Personality designs operate within ‘belief’ and not within ‘actuality’ – actuality is practical lived action in expression here in every moment of breath – whereas a personality design will direct a being through their own thoughts and manifest a belief within a being – through utilizing the being’s knowledge and information within and as their current conscious and subconscious mind as manifested thoughts and reactions ‘against themselves’ and can make a ‘belief’ to be ‘believably real’ as an ‘manifested experience’.

Personality designs operate within ‘extremes’ – meaning, it’ll either ‘elevate the experience of you’ into a ‘self-centered’ experience, whereby you perceive all and everything in you and your world to be ‘perky’ and ‘fine’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’, and ‘in order’ – where all and everything is seemingly ‘right with the world and with you’ = which send you into the manifested experience of the ‘white-light/spiritualist’ construct OR ‘reduce the experience of you’ into a ‘self centered’ experience, whereby it’ll ‘eject’ so to speak your suppressed emotions of pain, sadness, pity, remorse within which extremes such as ‘aggression’ / ‘depression’ will become the experience of you.

Realise that whenever you experience everything to be apparently ‘perfect, perky and peachy’ with you and your world – where everything apparently goes ‘right’ = Huge Problem, as this is an example of you being consumed within and as an ‘personality design’ and you’re existing within an alternate mind-dimension and the inevitability of an fast and quick ‘come down’ from such a ‘drugged-like’ experience is imminent as the mind can only sustain an energetically charged experience for so long within and as this reality.

The same goes for those who experience ‘depression/ag­gression’ in any way whatsoever – it’s a manifested personality design you have become, which is you trying/attempting to ‘hide/escape’ the inevitability of facing you in transcendence here within self honesty.

So you could say that the ‘elevation and reduction’ as the manifested extremes which the personality designed entities will manifest as an seemingly real experience originating from ‘belief’ of the mind – is ‘temper tantrums’ ‘self throws’ towards self to not have to walk this process practically here in every moment to transcend self in realising here – the one is just a more ‘beautifully presented’ temper tantrum than the other.

How does the personality design operate within ‘belief’:

Watch out for accepting and allowing you to exist within self-defined knowledge and information as manifested thoughts of apparent understanding within which you ‘believe’. As the personality designed entities within and as the mind, will use such knowledge and information and transform it into a ‘manifested belief’ – wherein you exist within a ‘belief’ of the knowledge and information and manifest such an belief into a believable experience for yourself which is not real at all.

Thus, the key is to live and apply you practically here in every moment of breath – if you’re not living yourself here practically within self forgiveness, self corrective application, breathing in self honesty = but defining yourself according to ‘who you have been and what you have experienced within the past, using the knowledge and information you have acquired here to justify the past by ‘making it more than what it is/was’ = you’re within and as a manifested personality designed entity take-over.

Therefore, another method the personality designed entities operate within the mind is – ‘bringing the past as memories within the mind’ to you – relating the past, to knowledge and information you have seemingly ‘understood’ here, and then in this ‘relation’ believe that ‘past experiences’ you’ve had has apparent ‘value’ or ‘importance’ which is an ‘designed method’ of how you’d ‘elevate’ yourself within your own mind – ‘making thus past experiences ‘more than what they are/were’, making the past ‘more than you here’ – giving your power away to the past as memories, thus to the mind.

Thus, if you relate yourself to the past in any way whatsoever – know you’re designing your own personality design and accepting and allowing yourself to participate within it – because of fear of facing your own mind as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become.

Thus, participation within an personality design is in fact an self dishonest act – as an attempt to prevent through denial as justification and resistance, the inevitable – which is to face self in all ways in every moment practically to self realise HERE.

The Organic Robot - by Jack

Jack - The Organic Robot: Part 1

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal.
original Article:

Date : 06/05/2008


Organic: The flesh, the human physical body that is of the earth. A natural manifested expression that is one and equal with and as this physical manifested existence.

Robot: The system, the mind consciousness system as the pre-programmed manifestation within and as which you, the being, exist.

Within you, the being, amalgamated within and as the mind consciousness system, whereby the mind consciousness system is amalgamated within and as the human physical body: Herein the description, the definition of you, the human being as an Organic Robot. The ‘three in one’: You, the being within the mind consciousness system, the mind consciousness system within the human physical body, the ‘holy trinity’, the manifested triangular formation as the primary construct within which and through which the mind consciousness system exist and create. The ‘creator’, you are, within existing within and as this triangular formation, the three in one as you the being, existing within and as a mind consciousness system, the mind consciousness system existing within and as the human physical body. Creating, through existing within and as this ‘holy trinity’, this ‘holy fuck-up’, as this world, this reality we have defined as ‘creation’. The creator, creating the creation within and as which we exist as this world, this reality.

The mind consciousness system is the manifested design of the unified consciousness field, which is equal to and one with this world as ‘how it exists’. Meaning that the mind consciousness system is the manifested design of the unified consciousness field within and as which you exist within and as this world.

Herein, with the mind consciousness system being amalgamated within and as the human physical body – the human physical body becomes the physical manifestation of and as the unified consciousness field, within and as which you exist, through which you create and manifest the unified consciousness field as this world, this reality.

The human physical body was constructed to embody the mind consciousness system. Meaning that the particular design of and as the human physical body, was designed in the ‘image and likeness’ of the mind consciousness system. To ‘house’ the mind consciousness system.

Herein, each organ within and as the human physical body represents a ‘part of the world system’, within and as this reality within which you exist. So, the unified consciousness field within and as the design and manifestation of the mind consciousness system within and as which you, the being exist, manifest the unified consciousness field without as the world system, within and as which you, the being, exist.

Within this document, I will be explaining, describing and giving perspective of how the human physical body, especially the organs within, in relation to the design and manifestation of the mind consciousness system within and as which you participate: Is creating the manifested unified consciousness field as this world system, this reality, within and as which you exist.

The Organic Robot: Part One (Section Two)

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal.
Original Article:

Date : 17/10/2008


To Review:

We have discussed within the Introduction Document now placed within the Forum, the structure of the human physical body designed according to the design of the mind consciousness system.

The human physical body manifested from existence itself as a ‘live organism’ to embody the mind consciousness system as a system.

The ‘live organism’ as human physical body, ‘accommodates and maintains’ the mind consciousness system and you the being, the ‘operating power’ for the mind consciousness system to function and exist as and within the physical as the ‘live organism’ that is of this existence, manifesting in this existence one and equal, wherein the designed structure of the ‘live organism’ as human physical body is created in the image and likeness of the mind consciousness system itself to ‘embody’ the mind consciousness system perfectly.

The designed structure of the Human Physical Body as ‘live organism’ one with and equal to the ‘designed structure’ of the mind consciousness system, wherein each organ of the human physical body as specific structured designs – represent a ‘part of’ the manifested structured design of the World System as and within this Reality, this World within which you exist as yourself as the mind consciousness system in and as the Physical.

Therefore, the ‘live organism’ as the human physical body with all its particularly structurally designed organs – manifests the ‘Live Systematic Organism’ as mind consciousness system within – creating and manifesting the World System, this Reality as ‘Live Systematic Organism’ without, within and as which you exist both in the physical as the human physical body and this physical manifested reality as the world.

We have discussed within Part One (Section One) (as it is placed within the Forum currently) how the Money-System as the ‘Heart of the World System’ continues to function and exist in this reality consistently as is. Constantly continuing as is through the movement and generation thereof through human beings engaging in sexual intercourse. Within which the generating of the orgasm and the movement of the blood – is one with and equal to the generation of money and the movement of money within the money-system itself as the generation and movement of the orgasm and blood in the physical within and through the heart itself.

The entire Heart-Organ in itself, represents the entire Money-System in itself.

The generating of the orgasm and the movement of the blood expressed through the circular-structure that form through the two beings during and within sexual intercourse – wherein they connect as one with the circular structure running through both the male and the female’s heart, is the generation of money and the movement of money within the money system.

Now into the ‘detail’ with regards to the Money-System’s corre­lation and direct connection and very existence, one with and equal to the Heart-Organ in and as the human physical body as the structured design of the mind consciousness system within – to create and manifest the ‘Live System Organism’ within and without:

The Money-System exists within ‘value,’ ‘debt,’ ‘exchange,’ ‘giving and receiving’ and ‘ownership.’

There are seven primary ‘sectors’ through which the Money-System Operate:








The Banks exist as the ‘Head(s)’ of the Money-System

The Corporations exist as the point from which the Money-System distributes itself into and as and throughout the world globally

The Industries exist as the ‘back-allies,’ the ‘unseen’ through which/ as the Money-System produces its fruition from the ‘under-class’ citizens that is not ‘part of’ the ‘visible societal system.’ It is such Industries that support the Corporations, that is in essence ‘behind the scenes’ yet the most prominent ‘part of’ the existence of the Money System

The Institutions exist as the point within which the human beings are Institutionalized by/through/within the System in its entirety

The Manufacturers exist as the point which make it possible for the Money-System to engage and entertain the population through want, need and desire.

The Businesses exist as a point within a select few stand to ensure the ‘stability’ within the continuation and consistency of the generation and movement of money through creating/esta­blishing ‘purpose.’

The Workers hold the ‘responsibility’ to move and generate money – as money in itself cannot ‘move or generate’ itself. It requires a ‘vehicle’ which is the workers as human beings working within one of the above sectors of the Money-System to ‘maintain its existence for it.’

The Institutions, Manufacturers, Businesses and Workers primarily exist to keep society within a controlled construct – have a look:

Institutionalizing (Institutions) Man within the Factories of Man that (Manufacturers) Busy (Business) Man as Whores (Workers) to ‘mind their own business’ (Business) as they are manufactured (Factories) to prostitute themselves (as Whores/Workers) through the Tuition (Education as branch of the Institution) given to them for the Instant Fruition (that the Institution makes possible) of the Money-System – wherein all are Institutionalized within the Money-System as they are controlled through the Factories of Man (Factories) Busying (Businesses) the Whores (Workers) that are Manufactured as prostitutes to only exist and live for the Instant Fruition of the Money-System through the Tuition (Education) given to them within and by and through the Institution of Education and so Institutionalized (Controlled/En­slaved) within the Money-System.

Trapped in this ‘sub-system’ as the Institutions, Factories, Business and Workers-defined through Debt – wherein you come into this world, ‘owing the system money’ – having to ‘prostitute’ yourself to the System as Whore (Worker) to ‘repay’ what is ‘owed’ – the ‘value’ you exist as is the amount of Debt you Owe.

To exist in the System and for the System: You must be taught the exact ‘way of the worker.’ This done through an Institution that is Education – wherein you are educated and trained as the purpose given to you by the System, which is to be a person that is counted in the Money-System to be accountable for what you’ll eventually owe as Debt. This Debt which becomes the driving force of your purpose as being a worker defined through the power of that driving force as greed that you exist as; to continue your existence as worker-defined for the System as Money-System to continue Working and ensure its own existence.

The Sub-Systems which exist as the Institutions, Manufactures, the Businesses and the Workers-defined – exists to ‘formulate’ society into and as a structured ‘form’ through which to maintain control of the people.

The Sub-Systems are the ‘ground-foundation-structure’ of the entire Money-System Design, as well as the World System. It is within and through the Sub-Systems that the Main-Division Systems as Banks, Corporations, Industries and other Institutions ascertain their required assets to exist – which is Money in itself, produced and generated and moved through/within the Sub-Systems by and through the Workers making the Sub-Systems’ existence possible.

People in sound: The insignificant pole, wherein those that exist as workers exist as the ‘insignificance of the system,’ because one worker can replaced by another instantaneously within the sub-system as there are so many ‘readily available.’ Therefore, to the System in itself, an individual worker means absolutely ‘nothing.’ Zero, zilch, you’re just a spec in the greater spectrum of it all.

Person in sound: You’re through the will of the son (the Money-System is one of the ‘sons’ of the System) given the purpose to exist in the System as a worker. ‘Person,’ as a worker-defined, working for and as the system: That is your purpose as a person-defined.

Therefore: As a ‘person’ is to be a part of society; it is to be a worker for the system which is your purpose in the system within which you’re given a right to exist through the rights given to you by the System.


Each Sector within and through which the Money-System exists, has become and is an Entity by itself.

Meaning, that there is no one individual ‘behind the existence, operation and manifestation’ of each Sector, as it is and has become Entities operational in automation that exist within the entire Money-System and World System and each human being is but a person within it all.

A person that ‘works’ within each Sector, ‘gives life’ to the Entity as each Sector to exist and thus for the Son of the System as the Money-System to Operate and maintain its existence in its entirety. All human beings are controlled and enslaved by/through the Entities that manifest the Money-System that is operating automatically.

Because the Money-System has become a System that operates by itself within Entities that exists by themselves as each Sector – an individual person is meaningless, as they are superfluous to a System that is Super-Charged through Man that is driven by Greed – wherein the certainty of the Money-System’s existence in itself stands.

What drives, what is the driving force of the purpose; as being a worker for the System by the will of the Son as the Money-System, to remain a working worker for and as the System?

Debt that manifests the polar-opposite within and as a being as Greed. This is what drives you and this is what drives the Money-System’s existence in itself as you.

This is the only way to ensure the human being must work and the certainty of the human being continuing to work; through giving them a ‘value’ as the amount of Debt they owe to the Money-System to continue the ‘drive’ ofthe human being within controlled discipline to be obligated to work.

The entire Money-System, structured according to and as Man’s ‘original nature,’

Self-interest in the form and expression of and as greed.

Greed as but one of the many forms of self-interest as starting point from which many of the Systems of the World-System are structured, according to and as Man’s ‘original nature’.

Therefore, ‘give Man the value of nothing, the worth of nothingness and their nature as manifested greed within, and the beingness of self-interest will ‘flourish.’ They will do whatever it takes to ‘have to get’ to give themselves ‘worth and value’ to no more be determined or defined by the worth or value given to them through and by the System itself.

Therefore, in giving human beings a ‘value’ as the amount of ‘debt owed’, experiencing themselves as ‘valueless’ and the worth of themselves as being ‘nothing’ or ‘insignificant’ to the system, they will experience themselves as ‘worthless’ – as discussed above.

At the same time, defining ‘value’ according to the ‘amount of money you have, own’ and ‘are worth’ according to the ‘position you stand within in the System.’

What human beings will do, to ‘redeem themselves’ in giving themselves ‘value/worth’ as determined according to the System to no more be ‘valueless or worthless,’is to ‘work for money, to have money to ‘redeem their value’ by not ‘owing debt but owning money’ and giving themselves worth through ‘working towards a specific, particular position in the System’ to no longer ‘be nothing/signi­ficant,’ but to be ‘worthy.’

And so, the human being’s ‘purpose’ is being a worker in the System. For the System is maintained to and as an absolute certainty. They will do whatever it takes within the starting point of ‘greed’ to ‘get to redeem’ their ‘worth’ and ‘value’ for themselves within the system through money and position of themselves in this world – and will so continue working within the starting point of Greed and ‘payback’ of and as Debt. Trapped and enslaved and controlled always – until death – existing but only as a worker-defined.

The Banks and the Workers are the Two Primary Entities that exist within the Entirety of the Manifestation of the Money-System as the Heart of the World System. The System within which the World-System exists, that ‘holds the World System together’ and which is ‘The Life of the World-System.’

The Corporations, Industries, Institutions, Manufacturers and Businesses are Parts of the World System ‘held together’ through the Money-System that stands primarily within the Banks and the Workers as Primary Pillars, and from the Primary Pillars ‘run through within and as’ the other Parts of the World System and maintains the World System’s existence as all the ‘Parts’ it exist as, as all the other Sectors.

Within the next document, we’ll continue with the ‘Infinite-System-Design’ of the World-System, described and discussed from an illustration that will be presented, within which you’ll see for yourself the existence of the World-System, being ‘held together and maintained’ by the Primary Points of the Money-System as the Banks and the Workers.

The Organic Robot: Part One (Section Three)

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal.

Original Article:

Date : 19/10/2008


Here is the ‘rough sketch’ of the DNA-designed infinite closed-system of the World System which we will be discussing in the next document to come:

From within the Sketch presented – you see the Banks at the pinnacle pole and the Workers at the base pole; the Money-System primarily functioning due to the Banks and the Workers which ‘hold together and maintain the existence’ of the World-System that are the Banks themselves, the Corporations, the Establishments, the Institutions, the Manufacturers, the Businesses and the Workers.

See within this Illustration – the Heart of the World System is the Money-System. It is the Money-System as Heart that pumps and beats and moves and generates the blood that is Money into and as the Live Systematic Organism that is the World System.

The Money is blood that is pumped and generated and moved through the Heart of the World System within the manifestation of The Banks and The Workers; as the blood as Money moves within and as and through the other Organs as the Corporations, the Establishments, the Institutions, the Manufacturers, the Businesses of the Live Systematic Organism that is The World System as this reality in and as the Physical.

So have a look:

The ‘internal organ-system operations’ of the human physical body within, has been manifested physically as this reality without, as The World System as how it Operates and Exists, within which you are currently enslaved.

Each Organ of the Human Physical Body exists as its ‘individual function,’ yet is ‘connected’ to the rest of the Organs within the Human Physical Body for the Human Physical Body with all its Organs to function as ‘One.’

The Same with the ‘(World) System Physical Body.’ Each ‘Organ’ has its individual function, yet is ‘connected through networks (the ‘networks’ consisting of ‘relationship lines’ which ‘connect’ all Organs of the (World) System Physical Body through within and as relationship-ties that is money) to all other Organs of the (World) System Physical Body.

The ‘networks’ that consist of ‘relationship lines’ that manifest ‘relationship ties’ ‘binds’ the Organs of the System Physical Body together as one; – as the ‘network’ of veins within the Human Physical Body that runs through all the Organs to ‘connect’ and ‘manifest’ all Organs together as One as the Human Physical Body within the Human Physical Body.

The System Physical Body as the World System is the Human Physical Body within and as which you exist.

So each System Organ of the System Physical Body as The World System, which is this reality manifested in its entirety – is one with and equal to each Organ of the Human Physical Body of the Mind consciousness system that is you manifest in your entirety of what you exist as.

The System Physical Body as World System is the exact manifested outer reflected presentation of the Human Physical Body as the Mind Consciousness system, as which you exist.

Therefore, ‘who you are’ reflects ‘who you are’ – which is the World System as System Physical Body as ‘who you are’ reflects the Mind Consciousness System as the Human Physical Body as ‘who you are’.

This is how the Money-System within and of the World System exists – through the act of sexual relations, related to the movement of the blood within and through the veins and the generation of the orgasm as the human physical body relates with itself, which is one with and equal to the movement and generation of money itself through and within the networks of relationship-ties within and of the World System as System Physical Body as all parts of itself relate.

Let’s ‘get into’ the ‘technicalities’ of the Money-System’s existence, generation and movement through the Human Physical Body ‘relating with itself’ during and within sexual relations:

The ‘emphasis’ here is ‘the generation of the orgasm within the manifestation of the circular-system formation that runs through both hearts of both human physical bodies’ participating in sexual relations.’ For it is the generation of the orgasm and the expression of the orgasm in itself that is imperative. For without the ‘generation’ of money, money cannot move. Money can only be moved by/through the generation of itself, the same as with the experience of the ‘orgasm.’ It cannot exist or be experienced, without two human physical bodies’ really focusing all their oomph and strength and vigor through and as actual physical movements; the orgasm obtained through and as actual physical movement as you in and as the physical human body, which generates the actuality of money for the Money System of the World System as System Physical Body.


The ‘orgasm’ consists of and exists as ‘energy.’ The ‘essence’ of and as which the ‘orgasm’ exists, is energy. The manifestation of money itself, the ‘essence’ of and as which it exists within the unified consciousness field as this reality; the World System – is energy.

Therefore, the ‘energetic essence’ of the ‘orgasm’ is one with and equal to the ‘energetic essence’ as which money exists.

Therefore, in ‘generating the energy that is orgasm within and as and of the physical human body through actual physical movement as you as the human physical body – you generate the energy without – that is one with and equal to the energy as that which the orgasm consists of ‘in essence’ – which is money itself.

This is how the very existence of money itself as the generation of money itself in the System Physical Body as the World System exists – through the existence of the orgasm as the generation of the orgasm in the Human Physical Body as the Mind Consciousness System; within and without. One and equal as you as your existence.

As you can see within the sketch above – with the Banks at the Pinnacle Pole and the Workers at the Base Pole, the Money moving from the Banks through the World System to the Workers, and the Workers ‘returning the money owed’ through the World System to the Banks and so the Money moves from the Banks and is generated by/through the Workers as the movement and generation of money – so this exists within two human physical bodies as human beings ‘relating’ sexually through sexual relations. Have a look:

Here is another sketch. What I have done here is taken the DNA-design of the World System and pulled it apart horizontally to form a Circular Formation:

For money to move, it must be ‘generated.’ The Banks provide the Money and the Workers generate the movement of Money for the World System to exist and be sustained.

Therefore, the Banks is that which ‘pumps’ the Money into the World System and through this ‘pumping motion’ as ‘movement,’ while the Workers sustain this ‘movement’ through and as the generation of the movement of Money in and as the World System for the Money-System.

This ‘circular formation’ as seen in the SKETCH provided – is how the ‘circular formation exists’ that is ‘activated’ and ‘initiated’ within and through both human being’s human physical bodies’ within and during their sexual relations; ‘connecting’ both human physical bodies as one.


The ‘pinnacle section’ of the ‘circular formation’ in the sketch as the Banks is what exists within the Heart-Organ of the circular formation that runs through the hearts of both human beings from which the ‘blood is pumped’ – as money that is pumped from the Banks.

The ‘base section’ of the ‘circular formation’ in the sketch are the Workers which exists as the ‘point where the penis and the vagina connects’ through which the circular formation runs that is formed between and within both human physical bodies as human beings.

Therefore – the male and female utilizing their ‘pelvic thrust’ ‘WORKS’ to ‘generate the orgasm’ as ‘energy’ that is the ‘working of you to generate the energy of money in this world.’ Hence, the ‘base section’ of the ‘circular formation’ as ‘workers’ as the ‘circular formation design of the World System’ exists as the ‘base section’ of the of the ‘circular formation’ that is formed within and between both human physical bodies’ within the ‘tip connection’ between the vagina and the penis.

Both human physical bodies’ ‘WORK’ as ‘workers’ to ‘generate the orgasm’ as ‘generating money.’ And the ‘generating of the orgasm’ as the ‘work done to generate it’ is only possible to be sustained through the Heart which pumps faster and faster and faster as the blood moves as fast through, within and as the human physical body. Just as the Banks that Pump Money into and as and through the World System, that makes it possible for the ‘generation of money’ to be sustained by and through the Workers that Work for and as the generation of Money itself.


The Circular formation of the DNA-design of the World-System is one with and equal to the manifested Circular formation that is formed within and through and as two human beings’ human physical bodies’ that runs through the hearts and through the ‘connection tip’ where the penis and vagina ‘connects.’

This is how ‘money exists.’ It is ‘generated’ and ‘moved’ physically within this reality through the World System, through the existence of the orgasm, the generation of the orgasm and the movement of the blood within and as the human physical body expressed physically.

This is how the existence of the Banks and you as a Worker is sustained; as the blood as money is pumped through/by the Hearts as the Banks by the ‘working for the orgasm’ as ‘the working for money’ through the thrust of the pelvis as the penis and vagina as the ‘Workers that Work’ for the continued generation and movement of Money in and as the World System as System Physical Body through the generation of the orgasm and the movement of the blood within the Human Physical Body that is you.

Here is described how human beings’ sustain the existence of the Money-System as its ‘pinnacle and base’ stance within Banks and Workers through sexual relations wherein the Hearts is ‘connected’ and the penis and vagina of the human being as the human physical body ‘work’.

I have mentioned that the Money-System exist within ‘value,’ ‘debt,’ ‘exchange,’ ‘giving and receiving’ and ‘ownership.’

Within the next document, we will discuss the existence of the money-system within ‘value,’ ‘debt,’ ‘exchange,’ ‘giving and receiving’ and ‘ownership,’ and how you’re sustaining this existence through the manifested physical existence of you within such concepts.

The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality - by Heath Ledger

The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality (Part One) by Heath Ledger

Transcribed and typed by Heath Ledger through the interdimensio­nal portal.

Original Article:

Date : 29/01/2008

I’m here to speak about this ‘heading’ which you see above: The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality.

In observing my life here on earth I noticed an interesting, no fascinating, ‘characteristic quality’ I had developed, rather ‘characteristic qualities’ (plural) – these characteristic qualities, I noticed, is the foundation from which the DPSP (Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality) originate.

I would from the ‘characteristic qualities’ develop ‘personalities’: Of which there was in total seventeen (17) – which I identified as the ‘personality suits’ that I would ‘dress myself up as and become as ‘who I am’’ to accordingly ‘address this world’, ‘address other human beings’, ‘address a situation’ and ‘address an environment/su­rrounding’.

Before I continue – I will explain the words…

…so that you understand and remain ‘with me here’ as I explain how the Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality operate within this world through and as human beings, such as I operated me through my Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality with my ‘characteristic qualities’ while in this world.

1. Characteristic qualities:

An actor is given a script – this script consists of words, the words portraying and describing the character this actor will ‘transform himself into, to become’, including the characters’ ‘mannerism and behaviour’ is portrayed and described in the words presented in the script.

And so the actor will become the character according to the character’s ‘characteristic qualities’ portrayed in the script consisting of words.

With us human beings – the principle of ‘characteristic qualities’ as illustrated above in the ‘actor becoming the character on script according to the description and portrayal of the characteristic qualities’ in words: Is no different.

You see one actor in many different films transformed into many different characters according to the specific film’s require­ments. Each character played in every different unique film has its specific ‘characteristic qualities/pro­perties’ such as ‘mannerism, behaviour, voice tonality’ which equals personality. The character’s ‘characteristic qualities’ as ‘personality’ the actor becomes within the specific film – also ‘determined’ according to the films’ setting e.g. environment, other actors/actresses and surroundings.

Thus – the ‘characteristic qualities’ is that which ‘formulate’ the ‘character’ as the entirety of ‘who they are’ e.g. personality consisting of behaviour, voice tonality, mannerism this in turn determined by environment, surroundings and other people involved, as the actor becomes the ‘characteristic qualities’ of the character portrayed and described in the script and so the actor transform himself to become the required personality to ‘portray the role effectively within the film’.

For me to have had seventeen (17) different personalities, I had to for each personality have specific ‘characteristic qualities/pro­perties’ – which I did have. Thus: I had seventeen (17) different characters as personalities, each character as personality having it’s own unique ‘characteristic qualities’. This the ‘reason’ why I previously mentioned that it is from the ‘characteristic qualities’ that the DPSP (Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality) originate.

The presentation of me in human physical form remain the same – one was able to identify me as ‘Heath Ledger’ – though beyond what is seen existed the seventeen (17) me’s as seventeen (17) different characters I would become according to my ‘environment’, people around me, my surroundings and my world which originated from my ‘characteristic qualities’ which was the ‘database’ from which I would portray the necessary ‘personality’ or ‘character’ to ‘suit’ the moment/scenari­o/situation within which I experienced myself.

So, you have the ‘characteristic qualities’ of a character – the ‘characteristic qualities’ is what is the ‘personality’ of the character, the ‘personality’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ consists of descriptive words which describe the ‘personality’ according to ‘behaviour, mannerism and voice tonality’, but not only this: The ‘personality’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ of the character is very much determined according to the ‘surroundings’ / ‘environment’ and other people participating.

The actor exists in many various different films, portraying for a moment, in each individual film the necessary character according to the films’ requirements. So the actor becomes and transforms himself into the character as the character utilizing the ‘characteristic qualities’ describing the character the actor must portray – yet the actor himself remains ‘identifiable’ – in other words, no matter in what film as what character I transformed me into being for a moment according to the films’ requirements: You still knew that was me as known to be as ‘Heath Ledger’.

This process of becoming a ‘character’ within a specific film utilizing the characteristic qualities – is, as I have mentioned, no different than what we do in our daily lives here in this world. And so, I’d say – the film industry is not so ‘far-fetched’ or ‘unreal’ as may have initially perceived to be when observing the foundation from which a film is born which is actors, human beings, transforming themselves into the necessary characters utilizing ‘characteristic qualities’ and portraying the becoming of a completely different person.

The film itself is ‘one day’ in your life. The ‘environment and surroundings and people’ within a specific film is that which exist together with you during this day in which you participate in this world. The character the actor becomes within the film together with the ‘environment and surroundings and people’ within which the film is taking place, is the ‘personality you become’ according to your day, environment and surroundings and people which all participate with you: You formulate you according to what exists within your day and so you’ll become the necessary personality to ‘play the role effectively’ as required according to your day – exactly as what an actor do. And this is where the Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality ‘step in’ as you literally ‘dress yourself up into and as a personality’ dependent on your day, surroundings, environment and people and according to the personality you will have specific ‘characteristic qualities/’pro­perties’.

2. Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality

I’ve taken an example of the ‘actor’ to place this entire document ‘into perspective’ so you may understand ‘where I’m going with this’ – especially with regards to what exactly it is I’m talking about – examples are powerful tools.

From the example, I’m focusing on the individual experience of each one of us as with how we literally dress ourselves with various personalities of ‘characteristic qualities’ – dependent on outer or outside resources to our disposal.

The actor transforms himself into the character of personality as per requirement of the film, according to the ‘characteristic qualities’ described within the script, the script consisting of the words describing the entirety of the character the actor must become: Where do our ‘scripts’ exist? Where is the script(s) within ourselves from which we transform ourselves into the necessary personality to ‘suit our day’ in which we ‘suit ourselves’ as we ‘dress ourselves’ as a specific required personality?

The frightening realization is: That all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all my ‘personalities’ – was me, was all of me as ‘who I was’, I was the very script as I consisted of and as ‘characteristic qualities’ only, me the very mechanism operating the transformation of me as various different specific personalities dependent on ‘my outside world’.

I would ‘suit myself up inside’ in relationship with ‘my outside world’ to be able to ‘fit in’ / ‘link in’ / ‘connect’ to participate effectively. I’d be the ‘foundation’, the ‘groundwork’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ from which I’d design and transform me into the becoming of a required personality.

Although the entirety of me consists of only ‘characteristic qualities’ – each individual personality would have it’s ‘characteristic qualities’ signature’ within and as me, and thus I would be able to according to my ‘outside world’ – ‘dress and suit me’ according to the specific needed personality together with its specific needed ‘characteristic qualities’ to accomplish the transformation of me as the personality I have to become to effectively ‘lock into’ my world in participation during the day.

You have script writers preparing the script for the actor which includes the actor’s character which he must become and present himself to be for the necessary film. So, who is my script writer? Where did all my ‘characteristic qualities’ originate from for me to have the ability to have seventeen (17) different personalities and for each personality there’d be uniquely specific ‘characteristic qualities/pro­perties’? If I am the very script(s) all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all personalities – then I must be my own script(s) writer, the question though is: How the hell did I manage to exist as ‘characteristic qualities’ for seventeen (17) different personalities, each personality consisting of it’s own characteristic qualities/pro­perties? How the hell did I ‘write myself’?

The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality (Part Two) by Heath Ledger

Transcribed and typed by Heath Ledger through the interdimensio­nal portal.

Original Article:

Date : 02/04/2008

Having a look at the questions once more – all lined up:

Question 1: So, who is my script writer?

Common sense: Me – because all that exist here within and as my physical human body = is me, myself and I – no-one else is occupying my human physical body from the perspective of having the ability to ‘take control and have me do or be what it wants me to be’. And I understand that within most beings’ mind the following thoughts are lingering: Heath – you are incorrect. The mind is occupying you, previously demons existed who possessed, other interdimensional beings are occupying my human physical body at the moment – though, have a self honest look at the following:

The Mind: You as the mind exist currently but by your own permission, your own acceptance and allowance through your self permitted participation – and this is proved: How? Have a look – those reading these words and assisting and supporting themselves within self application – you are currently directing you within the mind – WITHIN the mind, I’m not speaking of you directing as the mind – you are directing you WITHIN the mind itself – and you are actually stopping the thoughts, you are actually stopping yourself from participating as the mind from within the mind – and you are actually within self directive principle – stopping participation in the mind. So – within you having the ability to stop participation in the mind – be it through stating: I STOP or self forgiveness and self application – have a look: You are no more granting you permission to continue participation in the mind = therefore: This being proof for you yourself that participation in the mind – has and is always being done through accepted and allowed self permission. And this is self honesty – realising that you are actually accepting and allowing your self definition of and as the mind to continue – through your acceptance, through your allowance – therefore – by your own permission.

So – the mind cannot control you, the mind cannot take control of you, and the mind cannot have you do or be what it wants you to be – but by your own permission through accepted and allowed participation: And it is as simple as that!

The Demons: Possessions – ‘taking control’ of another human being – but what is fascinating, if such beings who were ‘possessed’ would be self honest with themselves – they would realise that they have actually accepted and allowed the demons to possess them, they gave permission to the demons, within themselves (the human being) to be possessed – because human beings have the ability to not accept or allow a being to possess (this directly related to the instances with regards to demons in the past when they still existed) the entirety of them.

The mind is but an example of possession – the mind possess you – and you are accepting and allowing it to by your individual self permitted acceptance and allowance – and the demons only had access within and as the entirety of a human being through the human beings’ accepted and allowed permission.

And why was it so simple for the demons to possess? Because human beings are already accepting and allowing themselves to be possessed by the mind itself – existing through the mind, instead of standing as SELF.

And the demons never possessed a being, please – this is impossible – possession manifested through the demon integrating within and as the mind consciousness system of the being that the being had through accepting and allowing themselves, within self permission – to define themselves according to.

Thus – what was possessed was not the being – but the mind consciousness system of the being.

Therefore, again – the demons integrated within and as the mind consciousness system, the mind consciousness system already possessing the being within and as the human physical body – so, the demons didn’t possess, they merely revealed what had already become of human beings = possessed by their own mind, through their own self permitted acceptance and allowance – abolishing and damning demons – without realising or understanding – the demons were not responsible – they merely had access into this reality through the mind consciousness system, integrating within and as the mind consciousness system already possessing the being.

So – the demons didn’t ‘take control’ of a human being – they only took control of the human beings’ mind consciousness system according to which the human being defined themselves as.

And as we have stated above at The Mind point – the mind only exist through acceptance and allowance – therefore, the demon-mind consciousness system integration – the demon didn’t take control, because the human being already permitted it – by permitting themselves to already be possessed within and as their own mind, already controlled by their own mind = therefore, the demons not to blame = but self is responsible.

Therefore – self is responsible – the demons were not to blame and nor is the mind to blame – SELF is RESPONSIBLE.

Other interdimensional beings: At the moment – I for instance am a human being in this world, meaning – I stand with and as a human being as me – directing me as the human being – though, ‘what/who’ am I directing? The being – or the mind consciousness system the being has come to within self permitted acceptance and allowance – accepted and allowed themselves to be? At the moment – beings do not know of their own existence = as I did not know of mine. We have become to much of a mind-system that all that exist is us as the mind-system – so I within and as the human being – am directly assisting and supporting me as the human being currently existent as a mind-system – to realise their own existence – ‘beyond’ that of a mind – (and it’s tough – lol).

Though, I am certain that there may/might be a select few human beings’ reading this at the moment and say: Hey! Then – you (the interdimensional beings assisting and supporting) may not exist within and as me – unless I give you permission. Hmm – well, within and as the principle of oneness and equality – I am you – and I am only able to be ‘WITHIN and as you’ assisting and supporting you – if you have defined and manifested you as a mind consciousness system – so, if you don’t want ‘anyone’ within you = stop your mind and stand as self – but by then, you won’t need/require an interdimensional being within and as you – because we’ll be one and equal as life as self – lol.

Though – specifically – with regards to the demons integrating and us assisting and supporting – we’re not able to control YOU – in any way whatsoever – the mind is doing that for you already – so, with regards to anyone’s mind at the moment thinking: Who gives you permission to direct me? You have already given me permission – this YOU is who you really are = the being within and as the mind consciousness system – from within and as oneness and equality as life, and I as you, you as me – is assisting and supporting me to realise who I really am as who you really are.

Therefore, with regards to the demon-integrations, you, the being already gave permission for that to occur because you, the being already accepted and allowed you to be possessed by the mind and now – you, the being, within and as the principle of oneness and equality as life as who you really are is giving me as you permission to assist and support you unconditionally within and as your individual process – this is not about mind-permission – but SELF as LIFE – which is beyond ‘permission as choice’ – because you cannot not choose to realise YOU, SELF as LIFE – because it’s WHO YOU ARE.

So the ego’s of the mind’s of the being stating: I do not give you permission to assist and support me within and as me – sorry, this is beyond permission, beyond choice, permission and choice irrelevant – you cannot not choose or permit WHO YOU ARE and you will realise you inevitably – whatever it takes. And this you decide for you, YOU, THE BEING within the mind consciousness system – you just have to become SELF aware – not just aware, awareness in itself is no different to being conscious of and as a mind – it is to be SELF, SELF, SELF – aware.

So, to answer the question: Who is my script writer – I am, me – I either ‘write me’ through my mind as a mind – creating characteristic qualities – designing personalities in separation of me – or I ‘write me’ through and by standing one and equal with and as words – being words in and as self expression as me – being the living word, living words as me within and as oneness and equality – wherein I am me, and not personalities of the mind consisting of defined characteristic qualities separate from me.

Question 2: Where did all my ‘characteristic qualities’ originate from for me to have the ability to have seventeen (17) different personalities and for each personality there’d be uniquely specific ‘characteristic qualities/pro­perties’?

Again, common sense: Me. I created all the characteristic qualities – manifesting personalities of the mind separate from me – very detailed and specific creations – specifically creating the detailed manifestations of various different personalities through program-designed ‘characteristic-qualities’ consisting of memory-related events and experiences related to pictures seen and experience through my human physical eyes since the first moment I opened my eyes into this world.

The details within this – I will cover as we continue with this entire document – though, in essence – who is responsible with regards to the origination of all the characteristic qualities having seventeen (17) personalities: I am – I did this to me with me – the mind consciousness system couldn’t have done it by itself – no way – I did this through within and as the mind consciousness system – the mind consciousness system is not to blame – I am responsible – I permitted me through the mind consciousness system to design me as and with seventeen (17) personalities of the mind – so, in answering the question above: From me.

Question 3: If I am the very script(s) of all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all personalities – then I must be my own script(s) writer, the question though is: How the hell did I manage to exist as ‘characteristic qualities’ for seventeen (17) different personalities, each personality consisting of its own characteristic qualities/pro­perties?

Shit – I designed me, specifically within and as articulate and meticulous detail – nothing and no-one else designed or created me – I designed, created and manifested myself according to who I am and what I am – therefore, it’d be no ‘problem’ to ‘manage me’ and know and understand exactly ‘how I operate’ – I am the very creator of the creation of me that I created – the creator know and understand within and as absolute articulate and meticulously specific detail – how it’s own creation operate and work from the inside out – that it created. Therefore – to answer the question: I managed me, I am directly responsible for my existence of me within and as me – because I am the creator, creation and created of me.

And this point of self honesty – frightens beings – this point of realising that I, that self is directly, is absolutely responsible for who and what we are as the entirety of ourselves – who we are within and what we manifest without – that we designed ourselves, that we are the creator, the creation and created of ourselves within and as what and who we are in this moment and have become – and that we know exactly how we operate and how we manage ourselves – in absolute self honesty – we know exactly how we operate and how we manage ourselves.

And this point of self honesty – that you know exactly how you operate and how you manage yourself – frightens beings, frightens you – because this means, that no more excuses is possible, no more justifications is possible, no more blame is possible – you realise your direct self responsibility towards you and then you must stand up – and beings who don’t stand up – just simply want to remain within self dishonesty – not wanting to take self responsibility – because they want to continue blaming, excusing and justifying why they are who and what they are and have become and experience within themselves and their world – to just not realise their self responsibility towards themselves – to just not change – they don’t want to change, but want to remain a mind-system existing in separation – because in changing, means to actually stand up and take self responsibility for all and everything of you, both within and without. But beings want to remain self dishonest – and blame what they experience within and without on others – because they are refusing to see, to realise: That you are directly, absolutely responsible for literally everything you experience and exist as within and without.

Question 4: How the hell did I ‘write myself’?

The exact specific ‘how’ – is what we will cover within this document as we continue – I am giving perspective of ‘how exactly we’ve written ourselves’ through the mind consciousness system through our individual self permitted acceptance and allowance and then…and then – how we are ‘writing ourselves’ to stand one and equal with and as words in self expression as life – and realise SELF as who we really are.

Though understand – that this cannot be done of self dishonesty with starting point – as we move within this document.

That’s why I am being specific with regards to you having to realise that you and you alone within and as you – is directly self responsible for what and who you are and how you experience you within and without – absolutely alone, self responsible. That nothing and no-one else exist within you – dictating to you or controlling you within and as who you are or what you are – BUT YOU YOURSELF.

And here – blame stops, excuses stops and justifications stops towards anything or anyone outside of you being responsible for who and what you are and how you experience you in this moment – you designed you, you created you, you manifested you – you are the creator, creation and created of you – both within and without.

And herein – no excuses, no blame and no justifications possible – at all – here, you take absolute direct self responsibility for you.

And unless you realise this – and assist and support you within and as the starting point of self honesty in taking direct self responsibility for all and everything of you: You are not giving you access to you yourself and you and you alone will determine your process for you.

I suggest: Self honesty.

I understand that you may have a considerable amount of questions existent within your mind – though patience, as we continue – you will see, realise and understand – how and why self, I me – is directly, absolute and entirely SELF RESPONSIBLE for all and everything, literally, all and everything of self – each and every single minuscule detail…

Alice A Bailey - From Consciousness to Awareness

Alice A Bailey - From Consciousness to Awareness - Part 1

Transcribed and typed by Alice A. Bailey through the interdimensio­nal portal.
Original Article:

Date : 15/11/2007

Structure, what is structure and what is the requirement for structure in any facet or expression within existence or expression of creation? Structure, this entire universe, earth and heaven consist of many forms of structure. Why, I ask? What is the necessity for structure? Are we not able to exist as free moving and flowing beings in our expression and application of ourselves? Why have we trapped and confined ourselves to a limitational structural reality called earth or heaven? Does heaven have some form of structure, to my understanding I’d say yes. For the ability to create a car with all its mechanical parts is possible in heaven and so also on earth. This is only possible through the existence of some form of structure supporting the creation of such manifestation. Earth is in a structural form, nature with all its individual plants and trees, earth with all its buildings and towers, life forms such as insects, animals, human beings and the universe with stars and planets. All are structural manifestations. Then we have heaven with beings merely vibrating on a less dense vibrational expression as on earth, yet, movement and direction and creation exist in the exact same application as on earth, just faster. And they are unseen by beings on earth as the eyes structural vibration are fine tuned to see only that which reflect off the vibrations on earth. How does one see? Seeing is but through the reflection of light through the vibrations and frequencies resonating from a specific amount of molecules or atoms applying/placing themselves in a manifestation of a specific structure. Let’s take a table for example. A table is but a multiple amount of singular molecules and atoms coming together to present themselves in a specific form of manifestation and expression. Through doing so, they vibrate at a specific density level to be able to remain structured in a form of a table. The vibration of the molecules vibrate to such intensity that its intricate structure of the coming together of the molecules is unseen by the human eye, and it’s merely seen as a picture. This is the picture of a table. So, all see in pictures. Everything that’s around you is merely a picture presentation of truth of molecules vibrating at a certain density intensity level. Why? Why are molecules doing this, why establish themselves in a specific structure? Then we look at support. Are they not supporting us in this reality? What is this reality and what we have created within it showing us? Have we begun to miss the reason for the structural creation of all manifestations on earth? Have even heaven forgotten the true reason for the physical manifestation of both heaven and earth. The question to also probably asking is this: When the table starts withering away, is it really the table that is doing so? Or is it a creation of the mind and through what the physical eye see, a belief or an idea that a table is able to exist and last only so long? Molecules exist into eternity; they are infinite forms of structural expressions and yet again, another form of structural manifestation. From the biggest to the smallest form of manifestation, I am clearly able to see structure in all forms of manifestations and expressions, infinitely so. The question remains though…why? What is heaven? What is earth? They are structural manifestations and expressions of infinite amount of molecules coming together in different shapes and forms. Why? Have a clear look – possibly to support us? Then the question remains: Who am I? Am I that which gives life to all that exist? Am I the creator of all that exist? That which moves and direct all that exist? Am I the creator of all that exist? What are the molecules then in their expression of structural manifestation? Could it possibly be me expressing myself in a structural form to support me existing in a different structural form or expression through a process of the manifestation of the creator and created of who I really am? Is all that exist who I am, or is it merely me supporting me to be able to manifest, move, direct and create in structural manifestations and expressions creations and experiences of myself? Why does earth exist in a time space continuum and heaven in a quantum time application of existence? Was it or is it intended to be separate in any way? Why has existence been separated to such an extent that we are not even able to remember who we are and where we come from? Yes, many beliefs may have been created around such a question, regarding the origin of creation of both heaven and earth and all that exist within existence. But clearly, no-one seems to agree with each other regarding the creation of ourselves and existence. Clearly if not all agree or are in agreement regarding the starting point and the how of the creation of existence and ourselves, then none of the ideas and beliefs regarding the creation of existence could possibly be true. Why do I say this? The reason is the following. If all that exist, is molecules merely vibrating at a certain frequency and vibrations. And also resonating a certain frequency and vibration. Then clearly we derive from the exact same essence of construct and structure, which are molecules that manifest in multiple different forms of expression. I am taking this structural application of the molecule even one step further. What does the molecule consist of in essence to be able to create a structure? The molecules manifest in structures just as I have explained the Universe and earth with all that exist within and on it, have been able to manifest in form. The answer is sound. How do we as beings communicate, through sound, through words, which in essence is but a language, a formation of sound for all to understand each other? But look, we have even separated ourselves to the extent of not being able to communicate with each other properly through the creation of multiple different languages. What about the possibility of the one universal sound and language? Yet, the manifestation of different languages and construct of words are also an example of the extent to which we are able to create. Sound, how does sound manifest to create molecules? Then the question is asked but is it a creation, or merely an expression? What is expression, I ask? Does expression go hand in hand with creation? When molecules vibrate, the vibration is linked to the intense resonance of sound. The more intense the sound is directed, the more specific the structural manifestation of form. I am referring to Lily’s experience with the discovery of sound. Where she was able to actually make a sound, coming from within her, and with the vibrations and frequencies of which the sound consist of, she was actually able to create forms and structures infront of her and hold the sound in it’s specific expression (a sound which she created). She’d for instance make a sound and direct the sound to form a free flowing circle of sound for instance. And depending on how long she held the circle of sound in it’s free flowing expression, within the circle, more shapes started forming. Meaning the sound started manifesting in more intense and specific structural manifestations such as diamonds. This was when she made one specific sound. The sounds also manifested in different colour expression, yet the essence of the sound came from one singular sound. So when she’d make a different sound to the first which she placed in a circular structure, create a different free flowing sound shape with structural diamonds forming and place both together as one, another different sound would be created and different structural shapes would come into manifestation. For instance, now there’d be two different unique circular sounds, with the vibration and frequency of the sound manifesting in structural formations such as diamonds. And when these two integrate as one, there’d be another unique sound, and diamonds, and also another shape forming such as spirals for instance. What does this signify? It signifies the following: That with the integration of the two different circular sounds with their diamond structures and the new sound circle that’s created with the new spiral structure, all is still individual in manifestation, yet expressed as one. You are clearly able to see the individual colours of the two original sound circles, also the new colour of the two integrated as one sound circle, also the individual diamond structures and the new spiral structures. All sounding together as one. Then, you are able to take it apart again. To create two singular sound circles with the structural manifestation of the diamonds. Creating yet again, two different unique yet one sound. I say one sound because as I have said before, all sound has a different unique expression in structural manifestation, but yet the essence of all sound is one and the same. What are vibrations and frequencies, but structural creations as for the carriers of sound. Vibrations are but the measurement of the duration of time during which the sound has specifically resonated at the same sound signature. For instance making the same sound for a certain period of time, which then created vibrations and then frequency, is then the measurement of the intensity in which the same sound has been made for a certain period of time. I am saying that all of existence is the structural manifestations and expressions of us as sound. All that exist is structural manifestation of sound. As I have said, look at words, its sound, carriers of sound in structural form. Words are another form of structure. It’s the structure with which we communicate. Is it possible that we have originated from sound, we’ve always only been sound and that we’ve resonated and made one specific sound for eternity, until one moment, the sound as ourselves started vibrating (as I have explained vibration to be the structural expression of sound once a specific sound is made for a certain period of time) and then created frequencies (which as I explained is the measurement of the intensity with which the same sound has been made). Within the creation of vibration and frequency, sound started forming structural manifestations such as molecules and atoms which became the foundational structures of existence. I have then another question to ask. What about colour then? Why do beings on earth see different shapes in specific colours? Is that the real colour of the expression and structural application of sound in manifestation as molecules in specific formation creating a tree? No, it’s not. I see all structural manifestations on earth as the exact same sound colouring, yet with the human eye, it seems as though it’s one singular colour. Why? As I have explained, seeing is but through the reflection of light through the vibrations and frequencies resonating from a specific amount of molecules or atoms applying/placing themselves in a manifestation of a specific structure. What is light? Light is the structural application and manifestation of the intensity of frequency levels. Did you know “darkness” is also light? “Darkness” is but the vibrational frequency application of molecules creating lower frequency intensity, creating the idea of “darkness”. So, what does night and day represent? Both are actually light frequencies, merely resonating and vibrating at different frequencies to create two different light applications and the representation of this application in structural form is the sun and the moon! The question I ask then is how have we structurally created this reality through sound to represent certain creation abilities? But before I answer this question, let me return to colour and seeing. I have explained that the vibration of the molecules vibrate to such intensity that its intricate structure of the coming together of the molecules is unseen by the human eye, and it’s merely seen as a picture. Thus, everything on earth is seen in its simplest form, thus, the human eye see the expression of sound in its simplest form and colour. One colour, one picture. Just like a brown table is seen as one picture, with one colour. I have another question, who decided tree’s to be brown and green? Why are they seen by the human eye as brown and green? Yet, when you have a closer look at the tree, you’ll observe and interesting thing. There are multiple different colours of brown and green on one tree. So, what are we showing ourselves through the structural manifestations of multiple amount of molecules coming together vibrating at a specific density and light frequency intensity to create the structure of a tree? And then also the specific colours seen by the human eye? The molecules are vibrating at such intense frequency vibrational and light levels, all the colours of the sound created through the molecules coming together in a specific structure become what seems like one specific colour like for instance brown and green in the tree, to the human eye. For us to be able to discern between multiple different sound molecule frequencies vibration structures, we see in pictures and specific selected colours. When I look at structural shapes on earth, I see all of existence, beings, sound, words, structural creations etc. as one singular sound, with multiple amounts of different colours. As well as all the molecules vibrating to be able to create such an extraordinary existence.

Alice A Bailey - From Consciousness to Awareness - Part 2.
Original Article:

Transcribed and typed by Alice A. Bailey through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 23/11/2007

Section 2) Now I return to my previous question which is how we have structurally created this reality through sound to represent certain creation abilities? As I have mentioned the sun and the moon being representations of light and dark created through light frequency vibrations. As I have mentioned before, all in essence is sound. One sound, which mean all forms and structures beings and animals are in essence equal. We’re all then equal. We have heaven and earth, heaven merely vibrating at a less dense and intensity level than earth. Does this mean that anything or anyone in existence is separate in any way? My answer is no, as I have just proven to myself that all that exist is one. Then why and how have existence come to the expression and experience of itself at this moment. Why are so many beings lost in ideas, beliefs, emotions, feelings, dreams, desires hopes and needs? How did this happen? I have a theory which I am able to derive from that which I have just shared with all. That through our creation process as sound, in form such as human beings and animals; we have misinterpreted all of creation through what we have seen with our physical eyes. We have been the creators since the beginning and will remain creators into infinity. My question is then also, have there ever been a beginning, as we are always infinitely here as sound, merely expressing ourselves in different structures, shapes and form. Through our misinterpretation of existence we started creating ideas and perceptions of this universe and all its existence. When did we stop creating as sound as who we really are? Or is this who we really are? What if we are beyond sound, we are the creators of sound and all of creation that has flowed from the first sound ever made? That we have created all that exist and stepped into our own creation to be able to experience our creations, knowing and understanding that we’re never able to really actually lose ourselves, but stand and walk as endless creators? That we as who we really are have created all that exist and that we are experiencing our own creation. Yet, possibly through being here and experiencing our own creation as ourselves (all of creations is structural manifestations and expressions of who we are) we have misinterpreted our own creation separating ourselves from ourselves, from our own existence and creation and became lost in our own creations. What does existence represent, earth and heaven and all that exist within – it represent the extent to which we are able to create as creators. And we are here experiencing our own creation. Why do I say separated? Look at the world today, it seems as though creation stopped at the creation of man. Why? Was the creation of man, another manifestation of ourselves to be able to experience our own creation and creation (such as earth, plants and trees and animals) also being ourselves, manifestations of ourselves to support us in the experience of our own creation? Separated, look at the world today. We have been creating on the outside, aeroplanes, jets, space crafts to travel in space, cell phones, television, electricity, computers, homes, clothes etc, yet, beings have completely forgotten about themselves. Each one on earth and heaven previously has forgotten who they are and why they’re here. Every single being in existence previously existed completely outside themselves, looking, yearning and seeking for something to fulfill them. As computers, televisions and cell phones are being merely upgraded to even more intricate and extensive models, beings on earth as who they are is slowly but surely being destroyed. Trying to make life and their existence more bearable and livable, trying to survive, through establishing relationships and creating better technology to justify all beings’ on earth existence reason for being here. The existence of violence, molestation, abuse, killing, dishonour and disrespect towards others, beings defining themselves according to certain applications such as doctors, politicians, lawyers or businessman as being some form of attainment to success. Beings defining themselves according to relationships, apparently the one singular desire of all beings, structuring themselves to attain some form of success for money, power and control, to make sure they have a relationship to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex. If you honestly have to look at existence as it is existing right now, if you had one opportunity to create the world you’d like to experience as yourself, would this be all there is to it? Have a look at to what extent we have separated and limited ourselves within our own creation. Beings are only existing for the attainment of power, money, manipulation, relationships, sex etc. and why? I have an answer for that: To be able to survive in this reality. Our existence has become that of survival. This is the point I am making. We have forgotten how to create as who we are, to express ourselves (expression being creation which goes hand in hand) as creators, and we have allowed ourselves to limit, suppress and degrade ourselves to the one simple action of survival. Not knowing or remembering who we are, where we come from, how we got here and the reason for us being here. To the extent where we won’t even consider it possible that we are actually the creators of all existence. Clearly through the application of all beings in existence we are clearly able to see that we are destroying not only ourselves, but also our creation. We are all so lost, lost in ideas, perceptions, multiple amounts of beliefs etc. We have swinged our applications around completely. Have a look at the world today. You know what’s interesting; we are already showing ourselves the application of oneness that exists within all beings. All countries have presidents and politicians, and all beings of that specific country agree and abide to the rules regulations and laws of the countries government. Beings have individually collectively agreed (beings in the society) to appoint a certain being to a specific application of responsibility standing as president for instance. And then naturally the president also agreed to take the position which was offered and collectively agreed by all of society. The point I am making is that most or some agreed. Yes, maybe others would have preferred someone else, but the collective decides and they still have to abide to the rules regulations and laws. All beings in a specific country collectively decided on laws, regulations and rules to which they have to abide to. Then you have the special police forces, also agreed by all in the country to exist to assist those who are not following the rules, regulations and laws of a specific country in understanding them through experiencing the consequences of their actions. And this exists in all countries in some way or another where many beings will agree on multiple different applications to bring forth some form of order in their world. What I am saying is that all beings agreed on one and the same application of having a president, laws to which they must abide to and police forces to protect them and the rest of society against each other. We have collectively as one accepted creations in this reality as how it exists at this moment of expression. A clear indication of agreement in oneness. Yet, look at the state of our agreement and experience. From creators we have become slaves. From equality we have gone to separation. From harmony we have gone to destruction. From absolute trust within ourselves we have gone to trying to protect ourselves from each other. What have we done and what have we allowed? To be honest our experience at the moment in existence is the consequences of our actions for separating ourselves from ourselves in the beginning. And it’s been going on for some time. Is no one in existence able to see what we have allowed? Is no one able to see that all is actually living expressing and experiencing the same expression in existence? Beings wanting to have a relationship, to have sex, to create a family a successful business, abiding to the rules of the government ruling the country and society. This has been continuing for eons of time, the exact same applications, over and over and over again. The only things really changing in a way was the creational abilities to modify homes, medicines and technology. The exact same applications existed in heaven previously as well. The desire to dominate, rule and have some form of power to validate themselves and their existence, some beings enslaving others. All of existence has merely become a compounding effect of the experience and expression of ourselves as slaves. Have no one in existence realized that all have been doing the exact same applications for eons of time? The exact same applications and expressions have been applied in heaven as well as on earth. Myself, Alice Bailey discovering that earth had become the central point of enslavement in the entire universe. Where beings in the universe, some unseen by the human eyes, have used beings on earth as laboratory rats to practice their apparent creational abilities manifested as some form of technology. Playing games to see who are able to trap beings on earth more than the other. Competitions were created to create the positioning of power and control by beings playing games on and with others trapped on earth. So much have been done to beings on earth, that nothing on the planet earth is truth in any way whatsoever. Earth has become the definition and existence of the definition as to what extent all beings in existence have become lost. Existence became enslavement process upon enslavement process upon enslavement process. We have forgotten the structural existence such as earth, the planets plants trees, stars and animals and the specific reason for their existence and therefore our own. Look at starvation, what is the existence of starvation but the consequence and outflow of power and money – hungry survival based instinct applications of most beings on earth so that there’s not enough for all? What is sexual abuse and rape but the consequence of the expression of beings basing their existence and experience of themselves on the need and desire to have sex and experience it. Beings will do anything and everything to have sex. Beings basing their existence, posture, method of walking, talking and dressing to be noticed by someone to have a relationship to be able to experience sex. Being successful and have money to be able to manipulate and control others for sex. Taking drugs as a substitute of the experience of having sex. The drugs as well as sex becoming an addiction and taking them over completely. Just as drugs and sex have become the enslavement of earth so have power and control become the enslavement of heaven. So will it be in heaven and so on earth. What is drought on earth indicating but the application of how we are allowing ourselves to drive the creational life force within us out through existing outside ourselves continuously, slowly but surely killing ourselves, drying ourselves out of our natural abilities to create and support ourselves through our own creational abilities? What have we done? We exist in a reality of absolute enslavement and separation where all fear and disregard each other. As it is in heaven, so will it be on earth. My question as well as Bernard’s at the time I was introduced to him was exactly the same. How did we allow ourselves to experience ourselves as one as sound, equal as creators experiencing and expressing ourselves in our own creation, as one as equals to where we are now in the absolute experience of separation and enslavement? We are completely lost in ideas, pictures and beliefs, different religions and relationships. Not even allowing ourselves to see an inkling of the truth of who we really are and what we’re actually able to do as creators in full expression. Trapped, enslaved and separated beyond recognition! The above writings and references were obtained during my own journey in the dimensions and on earth. I have been for many lifetimes an observer and participant in many events across the universal process. I have many writings I kept with me, capturing my each and every observation regarding events and experiences I have come across during the universal processes. I would often enjoy a quiet moment in my own presence, writing about my regular daily experiences in the dimensions before I manifested here on earth in becoming Alice Bailey. I am now referring to the time before I was introduced to Bernard. In my home and also within the settlement of beings with whom I stayed I was seen as a strange “loner”. I had longish brown hair, brown eyes, white-pinkish skin and fairly tall and slender. I recall even the way I moved as I was walking. My specific way of movement was usually compared to the movement of the grace of God. Which is also specific, for where I came from beings were born through sounding words. I was born through the word grace and this was where my name derived from, which was Gracioul√®. Within our planet we had a specific sanctuary where new beings would be created. The process of the new creation of a being would work as follows: The sun (I am referring to the same sun as here on earth) would specifically over a certain period of time direct a ray (light rays, red orange and yellow in nature) on the triangle which hovered over the sanctuary. The sanctuary consisted of a structural building, pearly white, with a triangle hovering directly above. The rays would then open the triangle and thus open the doors to the sanctuary. Two beings would then be selected, usually male and female who had made a specific agreement to walk together in expression of creation. Though there have been occurrences where it was only one male or one female. The selection would be indicated through a ball of fire, being a smaller illustration of the sun, igniting between the two beings. The beings would transform into the light rays of the sun, exactly as those that come from the sun to open the triangle and the doors to the sanctuary, and then as soon as their entire physical expression would become that of the colour of the sun’s light rays, the smaller sun expression would appear in between the two beings who were selected. Once this occurred the selected beings would walk along the steps into the open doors of the sanctuary. Within the sanctuary walls there was nothing inside the only existent room, except a white wall, moving directly infront of the beings. The two beings selected would then simultaneously speak one word, mine beings Grace for instance, and then a being would step forth from without the white pearly moveable wall. The entire sanctuary and our existence was sound based. All sound structural expressions resonated a specific light frequency vibration. Thus, I became the conscious embodiment of grace. And so were all the beings from the sound existence I originate from. We were specific conscious embodiment expressions of sounding words. Then the question is asked what is consciousness? My understanding and experience of consciousness as the embodiment of the sounding word grace was a finely, finely tuned sound frequency which resonated from the center of my brain, allowing me to interpret all structural formations and manifestations of sound as myself around me and within me. This allowed myself as sound to become accustomed to existence of sound around me as myself. I was intricately aware of all sound. Sound in movement, sound in structural manifestation and I remember my first experience of the world and manifestation of sound within my existence. I was truly born for the first time, my eyes and my ears experiencing the purity of sound all around and within me. I clearly remember observing, listening and watching and participating with all the different sounds, as though the sound was as conscious as myself, participating with me in the event of my birth and self realization as sound in conscious embodiment. Thus my existence started, as sound into this reality. The selection of beings were also specifically directed only to those who honoured themselves as sound in free movement and application as creators. They’d also have a specific sound signature which indicated the allowed intimacy within the agreements made by beings. We continuously created and shared our experiences as creators as sound with all beings. This is also how I came into contact with Lily and showed her how to play and create with sound when we were mere infants in the universe. My understanding of all creation from sound origin is thus explained.

Alice A Bailey - From Consciousness to Awareness - Part 3

Transcribed and typed by Alice A. Bailey through the interdimensio­nal portal
Original Article:

Date : 03/01/2008

Section 3) I was sent to a settlement, this was during the time when beings from planets oblivious to the events of the outside multiple Universes occurrences, were being captured and taken away as slaves. To where exactly I did not know for certain at the time and frankly no-one tried to find out. The reason I’d say the application of imprisonment of beings in the outside universes were able to be carried out was due to all having the impression that existence is safe and peaceful. I remember my earlier dimensional years being that of absolute freedom and enjoyment, all beings existing peacefully within their own worlds and creations. Sharing creational abilities with one another and assisting with expanding each one’s ability to create. No-one had any impression of anyone ever deliberately harming another and therefore had no need of any protective assistance models or mechanisms. Yet, the moment arrived where other’s had taken advantage of those who existed blissfully, without a worry or fear in their world and started destroying all that are free. They deliberately destroyed creators and creations. Even turning families, friends, brothers and sister’s against each other. Sound familiar? It became an extensively difficult time to be able to trust anyone. I was grateful for my grandmother was the keeper of the settlement in which many of us were able to hide. My notes and daily observations were able to be obtained through a specific meditation application I mastered through the years. Where I came from, beings would come to me from neighbouring planets and ask me to focus on a specific planet and a specific being to reveal to them how their friends or family are doing in the different universe. I’d do this through connecting the planet and the being to my specific signature, for instance place my signature within the planet and all beings inhabiting the planet, and I’d thus be able to observe the planet and the beings current time movements and applications. Seeing everything play out right in front of me. It was a fascinating gift for which I was truly grateful for and treasured it infinitely. And so, during my time spent in the settlement, I meditated regularly and made clear notes of that which I observed in the universe’s ap­plication. I expanded my ability to be able to observe all in existence. And so I was able to open up all of existence right in front of me and see everything. The beginning and the end of existence, which fascinatingly was all here! What was quite ironic is the interesting fact that during my meditations on the planet from which I came, I never was aware of the beings who seemed to suddenly come out of nowhere and imprison all other beings. For I only used my gift when specifically asked and to now and then through my schooling years with Satya learning about multiple planets, focus on meditating on planets I learned about, to visit and observe the beings and the planet I was curious or fascinated about. Also, beings who’d pass by who secretly heard of the hide away settlement would share with me their stories and experiences of families, friends, wives, children and husbands being taken away as prisoners, barely escaping. This explaining my previous explanation of me being an observationist (a word I have just created) loner. Observationist being a being who observes for a living! Which is what I did for some time! And so I wrote, regularly, of my observations and then the few inserts and insets of my observations through conversations I had heard of the beings coming and going through the settlement. The first question naturally I asked myself during my meditations was how such applications were possible. All were existing in peace and freedom, sharing creational experiences and abilities unconditionally and equally. I then one moment opened existence in front of me. I also during the expansion of my meditation abilities had to transcend the fear of someone or something being able to find out that I am able to watch and observe them. I came to realize that it was in a way impossible as my specific meditation ability was done from the sound of equality, the one singular sound which exists in all, equally as one. I would access the sound of equality and open all of existence right in front of me, here. All of existence was able to fit in a space right in front of me and I was able to move within the sound as the sound, within and through all of existence. Why was I able to do so was my question. The answer to the question was that all and everything that exist, originates from the sound of equality and thus created as starting point from the sound of equality. The sound of equality exist within all that exist and all creations. Though, with creation come responsibility and this is what the beings who originally captured, imprisoned and enslaved most of existence did not apply. How is Bernard able to do and understand what he is able to do, merely through communication with words as the carriers of sound? The only common sense answer would be that that which he is living and applying as equal as all, have already been experienced and applied. Has he not so often mentioned that he is completely sound? Standing, living, applying and communicating as the sound of equality? Why is he able to see, understand, direct and know exactly what to do and what to say in one singular moment? Then another question is able to be asked. The words he is speaking, are beings actually hearing the sounding of the words? As the sounding of a singular word, brought myself into manifestation and embodiment of conscious sound to be able to interpret, experience, express and create within and as existence as sound around me. Words are the method of communication where sound is carried in words, where sound meets sound in a moment of sharing a experience or expression or creation. Yet, all this is non-existent at the moment. Or is it really? Have we then not forgotten our origin of hearing, seeing, creating, experiencing and expressing as the sound of equality. The answer is in sound. Hear the words, as the words are the carriers of sound which resonate through you as sound to reveal to you who you really are. To step forth as who you are as the manifestation and embodiment of sound as awareness. What is fascinating about sound is that sound has no boundaries and is limitless, endless and infinite in expression and creation. Yet, the origin of sound is equality. Just have a look at my existence and all the other beings with whom I existed. We all originated from the sounding wall, yet each one intricately unique, yet equal, yet one! This makes sharing creations and expression so much more enjoyable, sharing your own creations with yourself, sharing your own expressions with yourself, all unique yet one! Imagine the world today in such wondrous application, free movement and expression in creation. Where all understand equality, all exist equally and all experiencing and expressing their unique creations with each other. All experiencing one another on such intimate depths of self, discovering the infinite experiences, expressions and creations of self. This would be my definition of the embodiment of the sound of equality in full application, living, expressing and creating! The beings who did not understand the word responsibility as creators were those who slowly but surely separated themselves from all other beings in existence. Not sharing their creational abilities or expressions of self with others. This occurred slowly but surely, refractionally. I am now explaining what I observed during one of my meditations at the settlement whilst asking the question: How is such applications of imprisonment and enslavement possible? There was a planet named Neburu, which held four primary beings named Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk. They were seen as the Masters of Creational abilities, well, this is how Satya referred to them! They enjoyed creating so much and I had spent many a day with Anu especially observing his creational abilities with sound. It was magnificent and I was always in absolute awe of their creations. Yet, all always seemed fine with the four of them. They were always together, yet they did not spend much time in the outskirts of all the other multiple planets and universes that existed beyond them. They’re multiple amounts of families were amongst the travelers of the universe, exploring and sharing themselves as creators. Everyone always came to visit them, usually traveling with Satya. Yet, not even Satya was able to prepare herself for the events that were to follow. I then observed what they’ve been hiding from all beings in existence, a planet, which was hidden by a veil of sound. On this planet they manifested their creational abilities. Through speeding up the sound vibrations of molecules and atoms, they were able to physically manifest physical expressions of sound, which today is called the human body. Now what must be remembered is that I am now speaking of the beginning stages of Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk’s creations. They had an idea to create a manifestation of a physical body, with which they are able to climb into and walk around on a physical slower vibrational plane. The planet had always been there, yet just the same as other planets on the Universe, the sounding of the planet in manifestation vibrated at a specific frequency. The foursome decided to create the physical human body as it is known today, to be able to fit in with this specific planet, to create the exact same embodiment in the image and likeness of the planet. They then used nature as an example to be able to create the physical human body. And so it was done. The physical human body was created the exact same way in which plants existed on this specific planet, which today is called earth. The physical human body was created as the image and likeness of the planet’s plants. Have a look, the human body is the exact replica of plants in nature. It consist of the same constructs and have the exact same requirements and needs as that of plants. During this time, the physical human body was created from the sound of equality as this was the only foundational sound from which one was able to create infinitely. Then, after my visit to Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk, also explaining to them how I stepped forth into the existence of sound and what I understand consciousness to be, as I have explained to you previously. The foursome then decided to create a consciousness within their physical manifestation creations on the planet which is now called earth. And so it was done.

All this was kept from all other beings in existence, veiled by sound, and here is the reason why. The creation of the physical manifestations, called the human body and the creation of the fine tuned frequency consciousness, actually created a conscious being. Through my meditation application I was able to experience with the new creations, exactly they’re experience on earth. It was exactly the same as mine, seeing and hearing the purity of sound as myself, yet different at the same time. They experienced the physical manifestations of everything around them and viewed only pictures, they did not see the sound as I and most of existence understood as who we are as sound. They did not understand that they were one and equal with their existence, but was only in absolute awe of that which was around them. Nature and earth they viewed their creation and existence as pictures (as I have explained beings on earth see their reality currently). Anu then realized this and played around with these beings on the planet now named earth. All four of them wrote the book Ani, and Enki wrote the tablets of equality, which was later presented by him disguised as Anu to Marguerite and Bernard as the tablets of oneness. The book of Ani held all the foursome’s cre­ational abilities, the exact words, techniques, steps taken, sounds used, what structure that sound created to be able to specifically manifest as their creations etc. So much! And this was they’re Bible. The book of Ani became they’re way of living, expressing and experiencing themselves all written down. Even exact examples given as illustrations within the book. So clear and exact was the book that anyone who was reading it was able to create in one moment! Here originated the first establishment and application of separation within existence and equality. The planet and the conscious beings inhabiting the planet as the foursome’s creation was veiled to all other beings in existence, as well as the book of Ani. Why do I say they did not understand the responsibility that goes with creation is that they did not realize that that which they created was actually in essence themselves in manifestation. And through not realizing this, they continued with their experimentations and manifestations and creational abilities, also separating themselves from all of existence, clearly an application of what they have allowed within themselves. As they say, from the smaller to the bigger. See, they separated themselves from themselves by not allowing themselves to see that they’re creations are actually them in manifestation as the sound of equality as foundation. And through this they separated themselves from all of existence as themselves as equality. I suppose you are probably now asking how and why was it then necessary for Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk from the planet Neburu to imprison, enslave and capture beings from other planets? The answer to the question is quite simple: See, the consciousness that Anu specifically created, did not have any creational abilities. The reason for this is the following: As I have explained the beings created by the foursome only interpreted their existence through the pictures they were able to see with they’re physical eyes. They were very limited, only able to move around and look and touch and smell, they were able to interpret their existence through being conscious of their surroundings. Yet, they were not able to create as they knew nothing of equality of sound of creation as all other beings in existence were aware of as themselves. The consciousness was different to the other beings in the Universe as conscious embodiments of sound. The consciousness was trapped in a limited world of mere picture like interpretations. The beings were unaware of their existence actually being a manifestation of sound as themselves. Anu found a solution. Anu wanted more, to be able to truly experiment with his creations, he required the ability to control the beings through inserts of information and direct them to do as he intended. He did try this informational directive inserts through initiating sound word frequencies within the conscious frequency they created, but to no avail. It did not manifest no matter what either four of them did. The information would be inserted within the conscious frequency, but because the beings had no initial interpretation of mere sound frequencies or communication models, they did not even react to specific actions that were inserted within them to carry out and do. Their physical manifestations required a life force of sorts to be able to direct the beings into doing exactly as the four instructed them to do. Through using dimensional beings, they were able to take the essence of the beings existence and imprint and infuse it within the physical manifestations. Through imprinting, they created three different integrational levels of interpretation, communication and directive action. The first level would be the four of them inserting information within the beings on exactly how to interpret their existence. The second level would be there to fully integrate the interpretation of their existence as and abstract phase of experiencing themselves, an acceptance level. Where all applications and experiences of the beings became natural and accepted. The third level would be there for when more beings are created within the creation, and all applications and experiences have gone through the first two levels. The third was there so that the new beings who’d be born into the reality called earth, would understand and naturally accept the laws and surroundings and interpretations of their existence. All were levels of informational control, today called the conscious mind (level one), subconscious mind (level two) and the unconscious mind (level three). The conscious mind being thought information applications, firstly integrated and presented to the beings on earth. Once the specific thought informational application integrations within the conscious mind moved into abstract accepted applications of actions within the beings, the applications would move to the subconscious mind. Once it has for a certain period of time become an accepted application, fluently and easily practice and applied, the application would move to the unconscious mind. If one being accepts a specific method of action application, all will accept such application. This 3 level mind application made the foursome’s ability to directively control the beings on earth more easily accessible, as they then did not necessarily have to go to each and every being in their creation and present to them a new form of action application Anu asked them to carry out. They’d insert a specific method of application, let’s say for instance to make a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together continuously, within one being’s conscious mind. The one being will then carry out such an application and show to other’s. By showing other’s and practicing continuously all will be able to carry out such applications. And soon those born into the reality will be able to carry out and manifest such experiences with absolute ease, this being this specific application manifested within the unconscious mind as an easily accepted method of application. And so it was done. The first beings Anu captured were the Atlantians. As they were the beings who were the purest, finest and most specific essences in all of existence. Who they are and their methods of specific applications were extensively fine tuned and of exact nature and requirement of the foursome’s ex­perimentations wit their physical manifestations on earth. The Atlantians were the first to be enslaved within the foursome’s physical manifestation creations. As soon as the Atlantians were infused within the physical manifestations, they were split in two. One half existed dimensionally and the other half existed within the beings lodged and grounded within the solar plexus to remain there as the power life force of the physical manifestations and creational interpretational abilities. Anu didn’t inform the Atlantians that he did not intend to ever let them go, and Anu also did not inform any of the other three of his true intentions. He misguided the Atlantians through informing them that he merely wanted to use them as guinea pigs for his experimentations within his creations. Naturally because Anu and the other three were well known and respected as the Masters of Creation, the Atlantians unconditionally agreed. Not thinking even twice. Anu created a dimension around earth in which the dimensional half of the beings existed. Within this dimension, the Atlantians were completely stripped of their original sound resonance energy, which meant that they became completely oblivious to their existence of who they are. Anu’s planet Neburu consisted of gold, which flourished on earth and used the beings as slaves to be able carry gold from earth to his planet Neburu. Anu placed himself as a God on earth, creating a religion of himself to validate the beings on earth’s actions and applications to dig and carve gold and leave it in extensive amounts of heaps for Anu’s civilization to collect for their planet. Anu’s empire stretched extensively and the family of Neburu had grown to three times the size of one normal planet on which beings existed when all were equal in application in existence. Thus more and more gold was required and more and more physical manifestations were required to be able to keep up with the demand for gold. The creation from scratch of the physical manifestations, as was done the exact same way as the first, was necessary as well as the capturing of other beings in the universe to stand as the life force of the physical manifestations, until Enlil incorporated genital parts to be able to automatically manifest physical constructs on earth. This initiated Anu’s search and siege of the entire Universe for power and control as he perceived himself to be invincible. The white light was created to control the birthing process of beings into the earth plane. Beings were captured and placed within the dimension where their original sound resonance remembrance of their existence were stripped. Therefore named the White Light. This incorporation was initiated when Enlil created sexual intercourse. Where the manifestations of physical human bodies occurred naturally and beings lost in the White Light dimension automatically integrated within the physical manifestations, split in half. And thus it was then not necessary for them to have to create each individual physical manifestation and individually infuse all captured beings from the outskirts of the universe beyond earth. All became automated and the white light was initially established to control the birthing integration process of dimensional beings to create as many as possible beings on earth. Anu created an entire civilization of his own, seen as a God and all were slaves under his name.