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Aliayea - The subconscious to conscious gridline placement within human’s minds.
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Typed by Andrea

Date : 05/11/2007

Andrea will be my demo to show you how this grid works. This gridline structure was placed within the subconscious mind of all human beings by ‘our creators’ as the subconscious mind placement grid, through which specific ‘major’ events are locked in to eventually become your subconscious and conscious mind. This grid line structure is a hexagonal (six sided) shaped ‘structure’ that was placed in the human mind, as the subconscious time loop generator through which all your specific major events in your life as a child repeat themselves and become your adult mind. This is how it works:

This hexagonal shaped grid line structure represents the six major events that were pre-programmed to occur in a child’s life so that it would then become programmed into and as the subconscious mind. At about the age of six these grid formations would activate and each ‘section’ of this grid becomes activated to support the conscious mind.

Within each ‘section’ was placed one singular event that once experienced as a part of your ‘growing up’ by the child/person – would place all information relating to this event, within it’s relevant section (within the six sections). This ‘event placement experience’ was duly so that each segment once complete, meaning it has happened in the persons life and all relevant information and knowledge stored – would then slot into the conscious and unconscious mind. The conscious mind remember is how you ‘live’ out the subconscious ‘hidden’ thought, feelings, mind constructs, ideas, suppressions, believes etc. Once as I mentioned each ‘section’ is filled with all the information relating to each pre-programmed ‘event’ the subconscious grid then becomes the foundation grid from which the conscious and unconscious get’s its information. The conscious mind then uploads and takes from the grid all information and knowledge that it will now use to create your experience of yourself for the rest of your ‘life’ – within this mind-consciousness experience. The unconscious mind also takes the information from this ‘storage’ facility/gridline structure’ and connects through the universal gridline structure to all other minds. This universal gridline has been disconnected interdimensionally, but I mention this so that so that you are aware of how the unconscious use to work. For this exercise I am using Andrea’s hexagonal grid line structure to show you how it works. Please note that each person’s grid line structure information as I am listing now for Andrea will vary according to your pre-programmed experiences. When working with this grid, place the information relevant to your life experience. At the end I will explain how. Here is what Andrea’s subcon­scious grid line structure looks like:

Now I will work with each one of these sections and briefly mention how it happened and why: 1. Mother: Experiences with your mother. These are your experiences with your ‘mother figure’. The experiences of yourself becoming the ‘copy’ of your mother or of her experiences. Through the subconscious there are already many facets to genetic information that enables the mind to recreate the experience of the parents. However this one specific event is how the pre-programmed life of a person has placed the ‘one’ singular event that decides who you become as a copy of your mother (or her experience). You are created with many beliefs, ideas, and mind constructs, emotional patterns etc all linked to how your body stores and applies this information. Then when this one singular grid line placement event occurs, then ALL information pertaining to this one event (relating to the specific section) is locked into your subconscious mind. Therefore this one event represents this one bringing together of all your constructs, thoughts and feelings that have either been pre-designed and placed within your human physical body and mind and also all experiences that you have had since birth. In this instance the one point that was locked in with regards to Andrea’s mother was when Andrea hurt herself while horse riding and her mother complained that she was wasting her time, having to take time off work to take her to a doctor. I that moment this grid line structure locked in ‘disappointment, failure, anger, anxiety, depression and fear’.

2. Father: The experience here was linked to her belief that her father was ‘superior’ and could punish her because everybody in the house feared him. He was a very quiet, depressive man and everybody in the house silently ‘respected’ that because when he did speak to you – you were in the shit. So Andrea grew up secretly fearing the man and the one singular grid line event was when her father told her mother that her sister is a nuisance and must f*ck off. In that moment you must realize the mind then places words associated to the event, pictures, ideas, fears etc all built up over the years and then compounded and stored into this ‘one’ placement event.

3. Religion: The motivation behind ‘mind consciousness’ – the enslavement to something greater. The fear of God and death locks therefore the person into a perpetual fear based need/delusion to ‘please’ their moral convictions and to be a ‘good’ person. The father and mother grid section varies from person to person depending who your parents had become by the time your gridline structure was ‘activated’. The religious gridline section of this structure varies depending on you religious upbringing so that by the age that this structure/section is ‘activated’ (placed and uploaded into the unconscious and conscious mind) – you are already ‘locked’ into a religious idea of who you will be, according to what religious concept your parents/caretakers tell you to ‘belong’ to.

4. Education: This yet again was placed within the gridline structure of each person as with the mother, father and religion sections. All information placed within each section will be specific to your experiences. In the case with Andrea she would experience herself blacking out between classes. When she was walking from one class to the next the subconscious mind would integrate all the information ‘learnt’ in all her previous lessons into this section so that she would provide the unconscious and conscious mind with relevant knowledge depending on what ‘knowledge’ is required. This information, learnt in the previous classes would then be uploaded into all cells, DNA and body neurology. Stored and kept for the unconscious gridline structure to upload so that all peoples minds could ‘share’ the information about this world and who you are to become to support mind consciousness. The actual experience of blacking out is when the mind shuts itself down for a moment to backup and upload into the entire mind consciousness system (consisting of conscious, subconscious and unconscious) – consisting of the entire human physical body – all relevant information/know­ledge. The one gridline section lock-in moment/event for Andrea was during her school assembly when she fell asleep and ‘woke up’ screaming something about ‘yes sir I am here’. That statement explains itself –as the subconscious gridline structure section in that moment placed itself as: ‘I will serve the education system and learn what I need to’.

5. Facing adulthood: This is at a stage in a ‘young person’s’ life when they start noticing, seeing, remembering and participating in events that make them question ‘who they will become once they leave school and become an adult’. It starts ‘crossing’ their mind – the options for ‘adulthood’. Questions start popping up like: ‘will I become like my parents?’, ‘will I get married and have children?’, ‘will I also fight like my parents or am I able to prevent that?’ In those moments, all other points and equations that have already been pre-programmed/placed in the beings mind within and as the subconscious starts to generate certain ‘worries’, ‘fears’ and ‘illusions’ about ‘adulthood’. Then one singular event that is the focal point of the gridline section will lock itself into all subconscious thoughts, feelings and ideas and stand as this one final gridline placement. Therefore, once this one event occurs within the ‘young’ persons life the gridline section will link into it all related thoughts, pictures, ideas, emotions that the person experienced throughout their life and together with this one singular placement event pertaining to ‘facing adulthood’ – becomes the foundation of ‘how I will become an adult’.

I will describe the interconnectedness of this grid to all thought constructs, feelings/emotions, body behavior, DNA, cellular information this way: the person has a thought about fearing adulthood because ‘adults worry about money’ – now the subconscious gridline structure connects to the thoughts which is running chemically as well through the body, creating emotional, physical and structural connections (literally throughout the entire body). Now that one singular thought had run it’s course of chain reactions throughout the body – the gridline section relevant to that particular thought will ‘lock’ into itself these ‘thought paths’ with all the thoughts, feelings etc pertaining to ‘it’. This is how the specific gridline section works. It is one pre-programmed/pre-ordained event that plays out in one specific moment – and this moment related to a specific gridline section. In this example that I am using the ‘facing adulthood’ section I will again use Andrea’s example. Yours you will work out specific to your experience. When Andrea was about 7 years old her father was talking to her mother about financial worries. She overheard them saying that once some of the children leave the house and go of to university and get qualified, then there will be more cash to provide for their needs. Andrea really liked her sisters (emotional link) and hearing about them having to go away so that the rest of the family is able to survive, made her sad (depression/worry). In this moment her subconscious implanted into this ‘moment’ two major ‘ideas’:

6. Breaking a limb/Illness: This moment interestingly is created specifically to ‘remove’ and ‘destroy’ all ‘dreams’ that the youngster has. The white light pre-programmed such specific events into the lives of people whose futures would have been different if not for them experiencing some traumatic Illness or break/accident. The child’s future would have otherwise been experienced as ‘successful’ or they are left thinking ‘if only I was able to do this or that or utilize my body better’. It also then locks them into the ‘idea’ that illness and injury is ‘normal’. All youngsters when they ‘come of age’ start looking at everything that is ‘out there’ and what they are able to ‘accomplish’. When however injury or Illness steps forth – they tend to from that point change (especially when it is locked into the subconscious grid) and it then becomes more difficult for a child to motivate themselves. Here is an example: When Andrea broke her left hip at the age of 11 it left her ‘traumatized’ from this perspective: She wanted nothing more than become an accomplished horse rider and enjoy her expression with horses. When her hip broke all that ‘fell away’. In the years to follow she battled with immense pain and discomfort due to how the hip repaired itself. In her understanding of this event firstly she had to let go of all the plans that she had to utilize her body fully. That is an example of how such intense trauma to the body or Illness – the child then looses their ability to see beyond pain/discomfor­t/illness/fear of death. Usually attached to such childhood Illness or injury there would be many other facets linking to the same point. The child would then usually also become restless, irritated and venerable as their ‘extreme’ experience as a child causes low self-esteem, low self-value and the conscious thought pattern based solely on: ‘Oh God what if I break something or become ill’ – the end of childhood innocence.

Each grid line section will also lock into the grid line structure a specific ‘mind set’ or conscious mind application that is accompanied by feeling generators through specific emotion generators placed throughout the body.

My suggestion for working with such a gridline would be to take each section and do your own ‘points’ as with these lines that run through the picture, you will find one section has run it’s course through the body connected to thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors etc. I suggest working through all the emotions, ideas and pictures linked to these specific lines. Each line as the picture illustrates runs from a specific gridline section through the body and links with the physical chemistry and collective constructs through the body. Then work through the points doing forgiveness and apply corrective action.

The structural resonance for example as explained by Veno is in one moment ‘grouped together’ and compartmentalized into each section according to what experience you were having.

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