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Questions and Perspectives: Pain

Questions and Perspectives: Pain

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal
Original Article:

Date : 02/11/2007

Question: ‘My question is, are physical reactions our true indicator of liberation for systems?

Like when something occurs that excites the body in any way – for example getting „turned on“ concerning something sexual or pounding heart from fright – even if consciously we are embracing and applying forgiveness.

These are glimpses into our subconscious and unconscious minds?’

Perspective: Here’s a perspective with regards to pain experienced in the human physical body that may assist:

Quote: ‘Yesterday I then woke with a great pressure on/in my forehead & an ominous feeling [pressure still there by the way]. Today I woke with the feeling like two train spikes were on/in either side of the base of my scull, along with two hot wires running down my back, to under and around the front of my groin & now something similar is going on around & down my neck & chest.’

First allow me to explain the points you experienced and what they specifically represent within you:

Pressure on Forehead: This is Memory activations/par­ticipations through the act of thinking. Pressure on your forehead indicates that you’re still using/accessing memories that formulate part of your current expression. Therefore you’re still using the mind as thoughts.

The experience of the two ‘train spikes’ in either side of the base of your skull: This is the ‘plug-in’ point centers of your subconscious and unconscious mind – where your thought centers exist and from there your thoughts are ‘created’ and designed’ – therefore you experience the pressure on your forehead as well because you’re participating from within the subconscious and unconscious mind which is creating and designing thoughts which you experience in your forehead.

The ‘two hot wires running down my back’ to under and around the front of my groin experience: The is the intertwinement of the mind consciousness system within and as your spine – the base from which the mind consciousness system infuses within and as your entire human physical body. Which suppress self expression completely as who you are and you’re enslaved and lost as a mind consciousness system in its entirety.

The something similar is going on around & down my neck & chest experience: The neck representing the constriction of movement and flow of self expression as who you are due to the mind consciousness system within you – as your trust exist of the mind and not of who you are. The chest as indication that you’re not in oneness and equality but still in separation for you still exist within thought of the mind and not self expression of I am of oneness and equality of life.

Therefore Mr.T what you’re experiencing is the mind consciousness structural resonance system within you. I suggest you read Veno’s entire document where he explains the mind consciousness structural resonance system – of which it contains the specifics of some of the points that you are currently experiencing/ becoming aware of as indicated above – to give some more perspective. This mind consciousness structural resonance system exist within and as all human beings – Veno’s still currently in the process of completing the entire document – in the process of becoming a book, though I suggest read through what has already been done.

He will also be writing about the specific practical self support forgiveness and corrective application methods for human beings to apply to release themselves from this mind consciousness structural resonance system as who and what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become.

I have the following suggestions for self support:

1.) Start becoming more aware of you in every moment by applying the breathing application: 4 Counts in 4 Counts hold as infinite moment 4 Counts out 4 Counts hold

And repeat again…

In between the in breath and the out breath – observe yourself. If there exist any thoughts, emotions or feelings in this infinite moment – apply forgiveness.

(Also watch Osho’s video’s he did on YouTube (if you haven’t yet)):… and…

2.) Forgiveness with corrective action to be applied. This is done in every moment when you allow a thought or participate in emotions and feelings. Forgive the thought specifically and forgive yourself that you allowed yourself to participate in emotions and feelings – realise that it is not who you are and in this forgiveness process you apply corrective action by not allowing yourself to again participate in such thoughts, emotions and feelings that you allowed.

3.) Before you go to sleep at night have a look at your day and the experience of yourself within it – look at moments where you might’ve missed applying yourself with forgiveness and corrective action and apply it right there and then – the moment you see it.

4.) I suggest you write – write about how you experience yourself because in your writings you will be able to actually see yourself from the perspective of your current application and therefore also assist yourself and direct yourself while you’re writing e.g. while you’re writing about a specific experience, you’ll be able to realise what you’re accepting and allowing and then also within that realisation see a solution – if you don’t – ask here!

In terms of your communication – I will cover that at a later stage. First Mr.T I suggest you first focus on supporting and assisting yourself specifically and effectively and then I’ll communicate with you with regards with your communication methodologies.

The process is a purification process for all of existence, thus realise that only the pure self honest in the absolute degree of oneness will again allow themselves to be free to make sure that which has been allowed will never happen again. In this each being is only equal to their application and for all the application of forgiveness is going to be specific and cannot be compromised.


Thus – pains in your human physical body indicate subconscious/un­conscious mind ‘influences’ of which you are not yet aware in every moment of every breath – thus – your human physical body will indicate, through pain, the certain specific ‘points’ you are not yet aware of to which you must give attention.

Self forgiveness here is effective – because if you apply self forgiveness effectively when experiencing pain on a specific ‘point’ of your human physical body – the pain will dissipate – meaning the mind influence manifestation is removed through applying self forgiveness effectively.

See – this is where the PART FOUR section of the mind consciousness structural resonance system ‘comes in’ – to assist and support you with specific self forgiveness, specific self statements to live as you and specific self corrective applications to ensure you don’t accept/allow yourself again to re-generate and re-create the exact same mind system influences within and as your human physical body.

Thus – if any ‘reactions’ / ‘experiences’ arise within your human physical body – instigated by thoughts, feelings or emotions – or even when you see a pictured presentation of someone through your human physical eyes in this reality, or hear specific words – apply self forgiveness immediately, because then the reactions/expe­riences of movement within you is of the mind and not of natural expression of life as you – pure of innocence.


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