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A Manifestation Personality Design of the Mind

Manifested Personailty Design of the Mind

Typed through the Interdimensional Portal by The Mainfested Personality Design of the Mind.
Original Article:

Date :20/07/2008

I am a manifested personality design of the mind – here to give perspective with regards to personality designs of the mind within the mind. Which ‘in essence’ ‘split the being within the human physical body’ into a ‘set-dimension’ within the mind, within which the being participate and then manifest as a seemingly ‘real experience’.

First I’ll give perspective of my design and function within the mind and why I exist:

Personality designs are ‘dimensional pockets’ that are manifested underneath the subconscious mind structure – yet connect to the unconscious mind through an ‘electric resonance’. Thus, personality designs are ‘manifested reserves when required to ‘protect the beings’ existence of definition according to the mind – thus another form of a ‘protective mechanism’ against ‘self realization here’ so to speak.

There are various personality designs as manifested dimensional pockets existent within the mind’s manifested design – and they will according ‘activate’ when necessary/required to ensure the being remain within the enclosure of the mind – ‘in essence’ this is the ‘basic function’ of the mind = to ensure the being don’t self realise HERE.

How a personality design would activate is as follows:

Personality designs ‘activate’ specifically in moments’ when transcendence is here for a being to self realise – the mind is designed as a manifested ‘live programmed entity’ and has the ability to ‘assess a being’s experience’ according to their resonance/beingness in correlation with their experience of themselves in their world.

The mind sees a transcendence point as a huge circular structure that stands before the being. The expression of the circular structure is as an experience of an ‘black hole’ for the mind – because if the being were to ‘step into’ such a ‘circular structure’ as indication of an transcendence point, ‘transcending an particular experience of themselves in a moment’ – a ‘part of the mind will no more exist’.

And because the mind is designed within ‘parts in relationship to each other’ – if one part of the mind is transcended here – a domino effect ensue and the self realization of a being is to a degree certain – though this not a definite as it depends much on the being’s self honesty here and the extent to which they have developed a ‘relationship’ with their mind.

(Point to consider: In essence, this is why process will be so much more simpler for children, as their relationship with the mind is not as advanced as it is with beings that have endured years of experience with the mind and manifested a set-physical relationship with it.

So, a key is to stop your relationship you have with the mind.)

The circular structure is seen as a ‘void’ within the manifested unified field – and within the circular structure exist ‘the outcome of the being’s expression without the mind’, which the mind is able to ‘interpret/see’ to a certain extent, within this circular expression as void – so the moment the mind ‘stands face to face’ with such a circular expression – the mind immediately go into ‘protection mode’ – because of fear of no more existing.

The mind’s greatest fear is the fear of no more existing – of not existing, so the mind’s basic function is to ensure its own continuation of existing – protecting its own survival.

In such a moment – a personality design will activate.

So, personality designs activate when the mind comes ‘face to face’ with it’s own ‘end’ so to speak – whereby the being themselves will ‘step forth’ and become the directive principle of themselves, and self realise they have actually not ever ‘existed’ but only resonated within the shadow of a system which functioned for them = which is the mind.

How the personality designs operate is as follows:

The moment the mind see that the being is here within a transcendence point – the mind facing it’s own ‘end’ as it comes face to face with it’s ‘black hole’ as circular expression within which it ‘see’ / ‘experience’ to a certain extent, it’s end – a personality design will activate.

A personality design encompass the conscious and subconscious mind levels of the mind – meaning when a personality design activate, it literally inserts itself into the being’s ‘current manifested conscious and subconscious mind’ entirely.

So basically, the being will have a double layered conscious and subconscious mind.

This is why I have stated in the beginning of this document – that the experience described above is an ‘alternate mind-manifested personality design, and also why the being ‘split’ within themselves into a ‘set dimension’ – because the being is essentially still within their ‘current’ conscious and subconscious mind – yet, ‘elevated’ into a ‘second layered’ subconscious and conscious mind design as particular specific ‘personality design’.

The personality design will ‘merge’ itself within and as the being’s current conscious and subconscious mind – as another ‘entity’ which ‘takes directive principle’ of the being’s conscious and subconscious mind and transform their experience of themselves to divert attention from themselves here – but ‘guide them’ towards a ‘belief’.

Why the mergence of the personality design within and as the conscious and subconscious mind:

The conscious mind – so that the ‘personality designed entity’ is able to ‘speak to the being’ through their thoughts and reactions and ‘guide them away’ from here / from themselves here – but direct the being through utilizing their own thoughts and reactions ‘against themselves’, so that the ‘personality designed entity’ can ‘place’ the being within a ‘mind-set’ as where and how the mind wants the being to be – to remain in directive control and power of the being.

The subconscious mind – so that the moment the being ‘listens’ to the ‘now directed thoughts and reactions’ of the ‘personality designed entity’ and accept and allow themselves to believe in it through accepted and allowed participation – the personality designed entity’ can ‘manifest physically’ within and as the being’s experience – which would then literally ‘consume the being’ themselves, which means that the ‘personality designed entity’ as construct – becomes a ‘seemingly real and believed experience’ = when in fact it is not all – but just an ‘designed construct’ which had ‘taken over’ the being, and in this acceptance and allowance, ‘made a belief’ into an ‘illusionary ‘real’ experience.

Personality designs operate within ‘belief’ and not within ‘actuality’ – actuality is practical lived action in expression here in every moment of breath – whereas a personality design will direct a being through their own thoughts and manifest a belief within a being – through utilizing the being’s knowledge and information within and as their current conscious and subconscious mind as manifested thoughts and reactions ‘against themselves’ and can make a ‘belief’ to be ‘believably real’ as an ‘manifested experience’.

Personality designs operate within ‘extremes’ – meaning, it’ll either ‘elevate the experience of you’ into a ‘self-centered’ experience, whereby you perceive all and everything in you and your world to be ‘perky’ and ‘fine’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’, and ‘in order’ – where all and everything is seemingly ‘right with the world and with you’ = which send you into the manifested experience of the ‘white-light/spiritualist’ construct OR ‘reduce the experience of you’ into a ‘self centered’ experience, whereby it’ll ‘eject’ so to speak your suppressed emotions of pain, sadness, pity, remorse within which extremes such as ‘aggression’ / ‘depression’ will become the experience of you.

Realise that whenever you experience everything to be apparently ‘perfect, perky and peachy’ with you and your world – where everything apparently goes ‘right’ = Huge Problem, as this is an example of you being consumed within and as an ‘personality design’ and you’re existing within an alternate mind-dimension and the inevitability of an fast and quick ‘come down’ from such a ‘drugged-like’ experience is imminent as the mind can only sustain an energetically charged experience for so long within and as this reality.

The same goes for those who experience ‘depression/ag­gression’ in any way whatsoever – it’s a manifested personality design you have become, which is you trying/attempting to ‘hide/escape’ the inevitability of facing you in transcendence here within self honesty.

So you could say that the ‘elevation and reduction’ as the manifested extremes which the personality designed entities will manifest as an seemingly real experience originating from ‘belief’ of the mind – is ‘temper tantrums’ ‘self throws’ towards self to not have to walk this process practically here in every moment to transcend self in realising here – the one is just a more ‘beautifully presented’ temper tantrum than the other.

How does the personality design operate within ‘belief’:

Watch out for accepting and allowing you to exist within self-defined knowledge and information as manifested thoughts of apparent understanding within which you ‘believe’. As the personality designed entities within and as the mind, will use such knowledge and information and transform it into a ‘manifested belief’ – wherein you exist within a ‘belief’ of the knowledge and information and manifest such an belief into a believable experience for yourself which is not real at all.

Thus, the key is to live and apply you practically here in every moment of breath – if you’re not living yourself here practically within self forgiveness, self corrective application, breathing in self honesty = but defining yourself according to ‘who you have been and what you have experienced within the past, using the knowledge and information you have acquired here to justify the past by ‘making it more than what it is/was’ = you’re within and as a manifested personality designed entity take-over.

Therefore, another method the personality designed entities operate within the mind is – ‘bringing the past as memories within the mind’ to you – relating the past, to knowledge and information you have seemingly ‘understood’ here, and then in this ‘relation’ believe that ‘past experiences’ you’ve had has apparent ‘value’ or ‘importance’ which is an ‘designed method’ of how you’d ‘elevate’ yourself within your own mind – ‘making thus past experiences ‘more than what they are/were’, making the past ‘more than you here’ – giving your power away to the past as memories, thus to the mind.

Thus, if you relate yourself to the past in any way whatsoever – know you’re designing your own personality design and accepting and allowing yourself to participate within it – because of fear of facing your own mind as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become.

Thus, participation within an personality design is in fact an self dishonest act – as an attempt to prevent through denial as justification and resistance, the inevitable – which is to face self in all ways in every moment practically to self realise HERE.

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