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Questions and Perspectives: Fear of the Future = Fear of Death

Questions and Perspectives: Fear of the Future = Fear of Death

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal
Original Article:

Date : 02/11/2007

Question: ‘I understand great changes are coming, I also understand that the best thing I can do for myself as well as the world is all that the Desteni group offers. I’m confused on where this world of insight through self honesty and such ends and the „mundane“ world of systems of limitations begins, the world I live in, where great catastrophe is supposedly imminent. Is it all just some test, in the aspect of „Sink or Swim“? Either I stop my mind and forgive myself or suffer all that which I have manifested. Or regardless of what befalls me, stop your mind to hedge your bets, no matter whether my tomorrow is here or in the dimensions? I’ve considered leaving my family to go live on a self sustaining commune, or to research self sustainable food, heat, energy sources for our own home, if we get to keep it, because I cant see what’s in store for myself or those around me, related or otherwise. I don’t want to have fear, anger, separation, etc direct my decisions, perhaps I misunderstand what this really means, but is that what I’m doing? Or is it self direction in trying to facilitate the change necessary. Survival is a construct of the mind, then what are my decisions based in? Remove all these things and what Decision am I left with? Self-Expression? I forgive myself for not understanding what that is or what I’m to do, in the only world I’m currently aware of.’

Perspective: Let’s look at the situation as follows:

The ‘future’ is inevitable – as inevitable as death – we ‘know’ the future exist and we ‘know’ death exist – death and the future is actually exactly the same ‘thing’ – because if you’re still here – death is the future.

Thus – you are either able to be here within and of fear of death as the future, here within and of concern of death as the future, here within and of anger of death as the future – but the question is why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Filled with fear, anguish, anger and concern for that which we ‘know’ is inevitable as the future/death (as they’re exactly the same).

So who then manifests the future? We do – because we already live the future because we’re not here as the breath of life as the presence of ourselves. Thus – all we have is ourselves in the moment of every breath – do not participate in what could/might possibly exist in the future or what could/might possibly exist at death – we are here as the breath.

What is it that I am saying. We have already manifested the ‘future’ – as the exact certainty that it exists as death exists. Thus – we’re either going to walk through what we have accepted and allowed and face it – take responsibility for ourselves remain as the breath of life within and as awareness of self honesty as who we are – direct/intervene in every moment where necessary/when necessary – or we’re going to remain in fear, anger, anguish and concern and walk through it anyway.

Thus – all will walk this process – though – the experience thereof for human beings may be different – because we ‘know’ death exist – as the future exists – so – are you walking in every moment as you as the breath of life or through it within and of fear, anguish, anger and concern? What experience would you ‘choose’ for you?

Understand – this process must be done for nothing and no-one else but YOU – your starting point must be YOU – not of fear of the future or any concern, anger or anguish – but you. Then – ‘bring’ past, present, future here as you – bring it all within you as you – do not stand separate from the past, present or future – be the beginning and the end here as you – thus – as you walk in every moment as YOU within and as self honesty, self trust as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – you express you – let no past, present or future exist – and you walk – no matter what – you walk – and so each will walk – until there exist no past, present or future – but all remain here as the breath of life of self honesty within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal.

Stop – don’t allow past, present or future to exist within you – bring it here within you as you as one as you – so that all that remain in the moment of every breath is YOU – and so it will be for each one.


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