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Questions and Perspectives: Suicide

Questions and Perspectives: Suicide

Transcribed and typed Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal
Original Article:

Date : 17/10/2007


The shit in this world is gonna get real bad. I'd love to stay and be a part of the show, but I would like to be in the audience for once. I think checking out is the best thing anyone can do to get out of this living hell on earth. Cho got it right, go out with a bang. Anyone who disagrees with me may come forward.

Will I die in the Dimensions? Do I got time in the dimensions? If I don't die, and if I've got forever to become free from the systems that Anu placed in me, then I'll go there. Fuck college. Fuck religion. Fuck Government. Fuck this world. As long as I've got time, and as long as it is possible to become free, time in the dimensions is no opposition to anyone. As long as I can get there


You don't want to remove yourself from this world – every being that has crossed over and I mean every single one that has removed themselves from this world has experienced the most deepest profound regret and shame imaginable.

See – I ‘meet' the beings the moment they ‘cross-over' – and every single one that has crossed over and removed themselves from this world has regretted it – extensively – and their having to ‘make peace' with the fact that: Okay – I'm here now and I am not able to return to my life as was as I left it and get a ‘second chance' or opportunity – is extremely difficult for them.

Why? Because they couldn't believe that they allowed such a fallible, frail thing as the mind system to influence them to the ‘point' where they considered and allowed themselves to remove themselves from this world.

I do not ‘wish' that experience for you – if you ‘think' or ‘perceive' what you're experiencing now is ‘bad' and ‘too difficult' to ‘live with' – man – you haven't yet experienced the most deepest mournful sorrow of regret and shame for taking your own life.

And that regret stays within you – because you'll always remember what you have allowed – you have allowed the mind – a system to have power and control over you.

Removing yourself because of the mind – not acceptable. You giving up your opportunity to birth yourself as life from the physical within and as oneness and equality because of the mind – unacceptable.

It is 1000 fold more difficult and intense in the dimensions – there doesn't exist stability – and to stabilize yourself in the dimensions – that self trust as you – is not simple and takes a very, very, very long time it the dimensions to stand as self stability and self trust – making sure in every moment that your expression is of life within and as oneness and equality and not of an alternate reality you have created and designed.

You are only able to birth yourself as life from the physical – you are not able to do this in the dimensions.

You ‘think' you're running away or getting out – but actually you are running full steam towards the very ‘thing' you are attempting to run away from in even considering removing yourself from this world. Because in the dimensions – you still face yourself – more extensively than here – there's no hiding, no running away, no quick exit – it doesn't exist – you will face yourself and everything you are experiencing now – whether here or in the dimensions – the dimensions it is tough, extremely difficult – here on earth – much, much, much simpler – very much so.

Thus – I would suggest you face yourself here – apply self forgiveness, apply self honesty in every moment – because what you stated above are words of the mind – and not as life within and as oneness and equality. Stop the mind and do not allow it to control you. Pull up your socks and stand up – do not allow yourself to be ‘subject' to the mind.

There is no easy way out – there is no quick exit – there is no hiding – there is no running away. So I suggest you start applying yourself in this moment – self forgiveness – there are examples of self forgiveness on the forum – though if you require any specific self forgiveness applications – let me know and I'll give you a start.

Walk this process here and get it done. You have dimensional support with you in every moment and you have plenty of support and assistance here – so – get your ass in gear and stand up and start.

I do not want to see you in the dimensions – you are not welcome here. I will send you back no matter what – you will make it here whatever it takes – I am the ‘gatekeeper' of the dimensions – I will send your ass right back because you have no excuse to want to remove yourself – or allow the mind to control and have power over you: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

So – let me know what forgiveness applications you require – what you experience within you – give me words and I'll give you self forgiveness direction so you may take your own power and direct yourself.

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