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Bernard Poolman - The Human as TV and Radio Stations as Structural Resonance

Original Article:

Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 15/07/2007

As a structural Resonance, each human being is a TV and Radio Station production House. The Structural Resonance is vibrating according to the parts programmed as it and into it. This is then the programs that are broadcasted by the Structural Resonance. In essence the being / life force is not noticed at all or very seldom aware, as the Mind is the programming tool of the structural Resonance.

Now imagine. All that we receive from Mom and Dad, all we are taught to be real in our reality, the way we place values, thoughts, emotions, feelings form the form we are in this reality. This is the information we then broadcast say “This is who I am” looking for some-one that like to listen and appreciate the programs we are broadcasting as our self. The beings that respond to this, we call our friends and lovers. Family does this easiest as they had the greatest input in forming who we become.

At some level we all understand that the “Look” we present is the total package we call “Myself” or “Me” or “I”. We then tune our Structural Resonance to the optimum level to get the result that will fulfill our dreams. Like a TV station we send a picture to all willing to look to get a favorable response. It is like an addiction we must satisfy.

This is all cool, it is just that it is so sh allow that the result of our program-broadcast causing violence, rape, war, famine, is not taken in consideration. We never consider that the world is the way it is, because we are the way we are. We mirror the world as our structural resonance. We mirror the world in the programs we broadcast as our self. We mirror the world in the programs we look for in others to participate in.

Further, we are not considering that the parts of our program broadcast that is automatic, is probably placed / programmed into us by some-one or something else and we are just repeating the copied programmes. This is especially so about parts of self experience we find difficult to direct or change or discipline ourselves with.

What is more interesting, if we do not follow the bigger trends and worldview in programming in the world, we are sidelined and feel like outcasts and experience loneliness. This experience of loneliness is specific in making sure that we in our self allowed and self-imprisoned Structural Resonance prison to the line in the programs we broadcast that is according to the accepted program line-up for this reality. In this way, control is easy and effective.

So – Look – We are broadcasting with every word, every movement, every thought, everything we participate in and as a message. This message says – “I am here and this is who I am”.

Look at this message. It says: “Please accept me. I am scared to be alone. Don't reject me. Please love me. I am lost on my own “etc.

Identify this message – Look if the message you are broadcasting is allowing a world where all has a place equally and is the message you are broadcasting showing that at any given moment you are willing to swap places with any being in the world and still be O.K. with that person's life as your life. If the life of a starving child is not acceptable to you, then a change is required and responsibility is appropriate.

This is what we mean with equality and oneness. We are responsible for what we broadcast as our Structural Resonance. We are the Points and Message that must change in the World for the Mess to stop. We are the answer that practically can do what is required to be done to bring Heaven on Earth. It must be common sense – Heaven on Earth is only possible if the beings on earth actually create it and become heavenly. That is not so easy. We must understand how we created the mess as well to be able to stop it.

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