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Questions and Perspectives: Perspective on ‘The Design of Love’ Interview

Questions and Perspectives: Perspective on ‘The Design of Love’ Interview

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Date : 18/10/2007


HI All, I just watched the video on design of love and am now in a big confusing quandary! I am married......­..happily married with two SMALL children. How in the hell do I not use the word love or teach them not to? I understand what the word REALLY represents...­.......but how do those of us with small kids and families go about this application and teaching it? How do I tell my children they are precious to me.........I guess just say that…but what about when my three year old says,” mom…I love you!” I know Im REALLY being a system right now..........but man........Im really confused right now and want to cry!

I only use the word „love“ with my daughter who asked me to say „love you“ or „I love you“ at the end of our phone conversations just like one of her friend does with her mom. I'm more of a „hugger“ and she isn't into hugging (says it makes her feel claustrophobic) although she lets me get a good hug in every once in a while. I sooo agree with what was said in the video. Being „in love“ with a partner is such a head trip and all boils down to the fear of being alone. But what about expressing love for a child verbally?


With regards to children – I suggest the following: Define the word ‘love' with your children – so that when the word ‘love' is spoken by either you or your children or husband – it has the exact same ‘definition'.

Though, understand, this ‘definition' must be of oneness and equality starting point as an expression of who you are as life: Example:

Love = I will not accept or allow anything less than who you are as one and equal with me. When I see that you are not honouring you as who you are – I will directly intervene and assist and support you, how necessary – so you in this moment may realise/see/un­derstand what you are accepting/allowing within you that is not of who you really are.

When the word love is spoken – this is the statement (above) as agreement made ‘between' beings who are here to support and assist each other through their individual processes within and as oneness and equality. So – speak the word ‘love' with awareness – when you speak the words ‘I love you' – understand that you're not saying this to another – but to another as you as one with you – therefore actually saying ‘I love you' to yourself and that in speaking/voicing the words ‘I love you' – you're speaking/voicing the statement above: I will not accept or allow anything less than who you are as me – and I will honour you as you honour yourself in self honesty application in every moment and if I see that you as me are not being honest with you – I will assist and support you as me to realise/under­stand/see where you are not honouring you as life – so you may support yourself to be honest with you in every moment.

Or ‘transform' the word ‘love' to ‘grateful': I am grateful for you. When you express gratefulness/gra­titude to another – you are also actually expressing gratefulness/gra­titude for you – have anyone ever yet expressed gratefulness to another or to themselves? Being grateful for you – no reason/validation ‘behind' gratefulness/gra­titude to self and another as self as one with self – just…grateful?

If you have ‘small' children – I suggest you express ‘love' within you as you voice the words ‘I love you' as the statement I suggested above – voicing the words ‘I Love you' with the starting point as you as the statement as an expression of you. Then – when your child has matured – explain to them your expression as love – then you and your child/husbands expression of the word love is within and as oneness and equality.

Also express the words ‘I am grateful for you' – but when you speak the words to another – you are voicing the words to another as you as one with you – the same with the words ‘I love you'.

Thus – forgive any separation that may exist within you with regards to the word ‘love' that there exist no separate connotations to the word ‘love' within you – but that when the word ‘love' is voiced – that it is expressed within and as oneness and equality as an expression of you – when expressed to another – that the expression of ‘love' and ‘gratefulness' is you expressing you with another as one and equal with you.

Understand that the Love Design System's words are specific from the perspective of also assisting the dimensional beings assisting and supporting human beings – to remove any unnecessary systems within human beings – to see exactly where and what is necessary to be done within human beings' process to assist and support them so much more effectively. So – instead of going through a one year process of difficult experiences in understanding the word ‘love' as you –we remove the systems in one moment – to ‘open the door' for you to be able to now, as I type, understand love as the expression of who you really are – and to from here – express love as you as one with you as I suggested – so the correction is immediate – though requires your awareness in every moment when the word ‘love' / ‘gratefulness' is voiced.

See – the word ‘love' has become the ultimate separation in this world within human beings – there has been placed so much value and worth in the word ‘love' that when it's voiced – the human beings voicing the word ‘love' does not exist – they're not there – they're all mind.

Thus – from this moment – speak the word ‘love' with absolute awareness within you – when the word ‘love' is spoken understand/ be aware that you are expressing you – and that you're expressing speaking the words to yourself of yourself to ‘another' as one with you as you – and so with practical application and forgiveness – we ‘correct' the word ‘love'. To no more be of separation – but of an expression of each human being as who they are as life of oneness and equality.


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