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Questions and Perspectives: Asking Questions about Thoughts

Questions and Perspectives: Asking Questions about Thoughts

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 02/11/2007

Question: ‘Perhaps you could help me with something else which has me wondering.

Since thoughts come through the mind then where do the questions arise from that present themselves all the time? Are the answers to problems that arise in life suppose to come through Awareness alone and totally independent of any thought?’

Perspective: There’s two ‘types’ of questioning:

1. When you have that experiencing/mo­vement within you – of ‘there’s something gravely/greatly ‘wrong’ with this world – and you start questioning your reality – this questioning comes from within you as you and not of the mind – asking questions from the perspective of questioning your own reality – the ‘programming’ / ‘conditioning’ of your mind systems are beginning to fail and you’re ‘breaking free’ from the program. When you start questioning your reality – you move ‘beyond’ your fears and boundaries and allow yourself to explore and expand.

And you’re not always going to ‘like’ the answer you receive here – because you’re ‘out of’ the ‘program’ of the mind – and thus not everyone will always agree with the perspectives given.

2. When you start questioning from the perspective of confirming your own reality – this is of the mind. Confirming your fears, confirming your beliefs – because you’re manipulating to get and answer than confirm your reality.



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